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The Walls of Knowledge

Oh Twilight... Sooo what about them books, huh? Because I felt like I was being driven crazy. Painting details is cool and all, but this had to be made in little doses.  Well, at least now I know how to paint a book spine! I won't even mention how long this took me as I had it sketched before season 5 aired and I redid it all at a later date. Still need to work on them crystals.
So there it is - my take on the library.
I better not even say I'm finally back because I don't trust myself...
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Hm. Now that I think about it, I have an interesting question:

The armillary sphere you've drawn. I wonder: Does Equestria follow a Ptolemaic or Copernican model of the universe? Ptolemaic would imply the planet of Equus is at the center of the system, while Copernican would imply the Sun at the center.

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The outfit is brilliant. The accent of her gold and crimson slippers helps the navy and deeper pink of the outfit stand out, and the colors also work well against the rest of your backdrop.

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Getting to visit a library like this would be a dream come true.

Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar

Amazing work on all those details here. It looks stunning :clap:

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That's breath taking
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Good evening, Your Highness. I'd like to request a book.
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twilight should wear the crown and shoes sometimes on show
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Wow! The library is giving me a 'Disney feeling' cause of how enchanted looking it is!
fairypower's avatar
This library reminds me of the animated Disney BnB one. I wonder if it inspired it.
PTDuckie's avatar
Holy Cow this is so pretty and so well detailed!
ZanarNaryon's avatar
I wish the show could give us this amazingly detailed backgrounds
CCF100's avatar
How long did it take you to make this?
CCF100's avatar
Wow. The detail is just... Wow...
Helsaabi's avatar
It's really beautiful <3
Wodahseht's avatar
I am always in awe of the detail you put into your work. Just wow...
Tillie-TMB's avatar
Your art is simply delightful. I hope you realize I am going to use your work as an inspiration point for scenes I have yet to generate in my comic. Simply marvelous.
KittyrinnAiko's avatar
I love it. Wish I had a library like that. :D
LightReading2's avatar
love twilight outfit
RichyX15CR's avatar
This one is wonderful, the shadows details, textures, colours, background and every little detail in the architecture is really impressive. An amazing work is what you have done!
Vinzena's avatar
This is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! I could see from a mile away how much effort and detail was put into this piece, it's absolutely Gorgeous!! 
El-Jorro's avatar
I want to live there. A place like that is where I would be every Sunday. 
My cathedral, my synagogue, my sanctuary. 
Imagine how many lifetimes would be taken if someone decides to make a movie, each of whose frame has the same quality as this picture... 
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I always liked the design of Twilight's castle (the interior, anyway) the darker, more artificial look is a good way to compliment Twilight's maturity. But your version reminds me of the Hollow Bastion library...and just the icing on the cake ^////^
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