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The Golden Cage

I really wanted to try something new again not knowing what I'm signing to. This one solidified my conviction that painting straight lines on PC is just awful. If I ever were to make another interior I will stick with the art-nouveau style, which will narrow straight lines to the necessary minimum (and will fitt ponies more).
This was definitely an interesting learning experience, but I'm still not completely sure how the composition in the interior works. If any of you have any tips on how to improve at the interrior painting, feel free to share.
Thank you all for the continous support, even during my complete absence!

Yes, this was a long break, but I'm back again and eager to do some new stuff. If you asked about the commision, please contact me again...!
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This is absolutely gorgeous!


A golden cage inside a golden cage. Great picture.

Absolutely incredible!

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UH this picture is gorgeous.
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No matter how beautiful it is, a prison is still a prison.
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That is truly bootiful!!
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Impressive! If MLP had a bigger budget, maybe Celestia's chamber WOULD have looked somethng like this. I'd love to see Luna's chamber in you style some time. 
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Incredibly stunning and amazing!
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Truly a magnificent Golden Cage for the ageless Princess of the Sun.
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Absolutely stunning. Love the colors, the details, the composition. 
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Woah... Awesome.
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This is insane and simply stunning 
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THis is honestly one of the most incredible things I've seen all year. Truly fantastic and amazing.
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I think Lazy Nezumi Pro has a perspective tool that help you make straight lines in perspective. Do you have a Graphic tablet or something more similar to the no display accessories? I've found some good old plastic drafting equipment and some French Curves work wonders on my 27QHD Touch.
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Wow!!! This is marvellous!!!
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I love Celestia's dress!
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Ah,so that is art-nouveau!! That explain why this remind me so much of Kaladesh! I'm really in awe at this one Clap Clap

I'm quite curious of how you balanced your color wheel, can you give any insight on that?  Bunny Emoji-70 (Please to meet you) [V4] 
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This is beautiful! I love it!Raven: *GASP!* Awesome 
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