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The Art Of Spreading A Smile

By Devinian
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Backgrounds in the show are getting more and more detailed right now. I'm not sure if thats something to be happy or worry about. Many months of work put in this one.
I won't lie, there is something homely about that Ponyville architecture.
This may be my first painting focusing on a group of characters. I was clearly not certain if I want them to draw all the attention or just be there as a secondary element. Then I just let the flow run it's course. Sugarcube Corner was hell of a work too. Just when I came up with its position I finally started to have fun.
Gummy seems to be tacked on a bit, but weirdly enough... it didn't work without him =D
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Amazing work dude!
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LordDonovanProfessional Digital Artist
That slightly subdued, warmer sepia tone is an interesting take on the show's standard cooler and highly saturated color direction. It makes me want to see this as a nostalgic flashback sort of scene rather than something currently happening.
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DylanCArtStudent General Artist
Nice art work you did.
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MLNavsariHobbyist Writer
Amazing detail, this picture exudes so much joy =D
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MindoforStudent Digital Artist
what a beautiful work!
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Wow. Super sweet! It would be impossible to be unhappy in a place like that.
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Loveless-NightsProfessional Digital Artist
Absolutely postively gorgeous!!
TigerGeekGuy's avatar
Such detail...

Great work!
HyperDashPony's avatar
HyperDashPony General Artist
My favorite artist, my original inspiration with "Piercing the Sky" a few years back, at it again. You never cease to amaze. There are no words. Thank you.
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jghgrhStudent Traditional Artist
 Most impressive.
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ChaosPhantom444Hobbyist Writer
Awesome work! ^^
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ISorrayIStudent Digital Artist
I think, I fall in loveFloating Heart (Red) - F2U! 
BirdofHearts's avatar
great detail man
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PoetBronyProfessional Writer
...Gummy is staring at me! :omg:  That looks like a yummy muffin. :)
Marrow-Pony's avatar
Marrow-PonyStudent General Artist
Wow this is amazing :o. The hard work on that background really shows, great job!
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
Lovely art ^^
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HeliosFiveHobbyist Digital Artist
Love seeing environmental pieces like this with such attention to detail
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penguin04Student Digital Artist
I love that background
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JetPowerFIEHobbyist General Artist
Of all the things that stand out in the picture, the main thing is how close the buildings are together. Normally Ponyville is drawn with a much wider, well maintained streets like in the show which is more of a modern style while this combined with the excellent rendering of the buildings gives it a feel of a much older time, and gives a much more fantastic feel and gives a sense of awe. Absolutely gorgeous.
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Lightstar-NightshineHobbyist Digital Artist
This is truly something special. Everytime I look at this picture I feel like that this version of Ponyville is the real one. My heart tries to remember something then, a special sort of feeling. Maybe some sort of nostalgia, or a feeling from a dream (coming true)?
I appreciate the idea of Colgate/Minuette being a part of this picture if it's really her. Their laughter reminds me of the episode "Amending Fences" with Pinkie and Minuette for the party of the(ir) reunion with Moondancer.
Pinkie's Mane is special aswell, never seen her in a style like this before xD And you're right, without Gummy it wouldn't work ^^
Tonight I will try to remember the feeling I'm getting by looking at this picture.
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DevinianHobbyist General Artist
Oh my. That's some heart warming words :) I'm sure I didn't make Ponyville so different from the show. Show staff just gives as something really atmospheric and so well designed that we can do so much with it.
Yes, that's Minuette, the second happiest pony we know of.
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PegaSeraphHobbyist General Artist
Lovely piece of art!
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