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That Particular Night

As requested by Mr ~Tomdepl (I guess) long time ago, though I might have forgot something after that time. First it was a composition problems (I didn't want another Everfree or completely black... everything) and later hardware malfunction, but I'm painting stuff again in any free time. I'm still not sure about the normal straight trees. I guess there are some in Equestria hehe :D
P.S. I brightened it a bit
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Beyond amazing

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This looks outstanding.
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As the sunset fades away, the yellow turns to grey
The Moonlight shines across the land, a calling we obey
The purest black of shadows rise to fight a greater fight
My brothers and sisters, move as one, we Soldiers of the Night
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Wow....just wow...I adore your should pick of your epic pony pics for us to buy as prints from DA :p
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What a feeling of wow and admiration!
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This scene is very familiar. Reminds me of the bayou in Louisiana. Still beautiful, though.
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Oooh Steven Magnet! :D Very nice cameo!
Awesome art ^^ I love the Night, even more than the day. I'm a child of the Night too! 
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The only night where the batponies can be themselves.
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oo how haunting and strange. very lovely scene you've painted here.
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Would you be interested in doing requests for compensation? I would love to hire you!
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Oooh... this is full of atmosphere...

Quiet, dark, cold night... subtle living and movement on the wind.
Wonderful! I had run out of words to say how!
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It's beautiful! Did you get an inspiration from Skyrim landscapes? [Link]
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Nah! I forgot Skyrim very quickly after my first attempt at it. Music was constantly putting me to sleep (I almost hit the desk with my head once) and washed out, ever present browness bored me to death. I have never looked at the sky though :P Now I know I should've
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It looks like Mr Water Dragon is waiting for somepony to have tea. :-)
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I actually hope they really make an episode like that.
Of a therian that dreams to be a lunar guard and is helped by the mane 6. (and of course Luna accepts him as one in the end)
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Is that your OC pony?
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  A dark and awesome scene! :wow: Artwork and coloring are great! :clap: Can you tell me what are happening? :greetings:
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Everything just seems so serene...the sky, the can even feel the peaceful tranquility of this place... this is amazing, simply amazing.
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what application do you use? 
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I own and use only Photoshop CS3
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