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Story of the bench

Lyra and bonbon sitting on a bench chilling out. Please enjoy guys and gals! Really wanted to finally upload something for ya'll so you won't forget about my existence hehe :)
One statement I have for everyone: Painting with a mouse is hard! I have started this forever ago but now I fell an urge to finish it now, though I was restricted to my wobbly mouse :)
Damn you bunny, why you so realistic?
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Your art makes Equestria seem so much bigger than it looks in the show! Beautiful work!
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I absolutely love your vast landscape pieces! They tell such an incredible and engaging story in one frame and capture such an amazing world.
Lyra, Bon Bon sitting on a bench, S-I-T-T-I-N-G...
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That's one enormous bee. I hope Lyra's ok.
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I spy a pink pony spy. xD
Vinylicious-Pon-3's avatar
Nice try Pinkie. You've been spotted.
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is that?......pinkie pie!?
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Awww those bunnies! So cute!
And lol Pinkie
I'd love chilling out in such a place ^^
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This is beautiful :D
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wow this is amazing.
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This is beautiful! Well fine job.
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I'd love a commission of something like this ^^ that Pinkie back there?  
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I used this banner for my fimfiction account for the longest time, all up until banners were removed. Glad to know where it came from ~
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Is Pinkie wearing a gas mask?! I really hope that's a Doctor Who reference. XP
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i tink is her ninga suit
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I love that wild pinkie hiding in the bush!
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Is that Twilight's balloon?
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Congrates getting this picture on the banner of
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