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Picnic... with Kindness

By Devinian
OK, Now I'm sure I don't get the whole "speed paint" concept. That one took me whole day just to get some details in it :) This one is so wide its silly but hope you'll enjoy some green and bright landscape with cute Fluttershy and Angel having a picnic.

Be honest and share your thoughts (and try to be kind when doing so) :D

Edit: Updated with a bit bigger version
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Just... how... its.. beautiful.
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I don't really like Fluttershy on this. But the landscape is absolutely incredible. Whenever I see MLP art that looks this real, it hurts me that I can't be there.
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The size of the trees... I never thought they were that big, to be honest. It makes more sense when you look at them from such perspective though.
Ah, another artwork of yours to make me think. Great, as usual.
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Wonderful artwork!! :D I love the scene and how you've drawn the cottage very much. Truly, so many wonders in this picture! ^.^

*looks at the views and favorites counts*
AH! FINALLY an artwork that gets the amount of views and favorites it deserves! That's so rare! I'm always more dumbfounded at so few views some incredible artworks are getting XD
I think it's gorgeous. I love the creek most.
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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Just beautiful...
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This is a beautiful and delicate paintings :D (Big Grin) 
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so much beauty :')
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This is my kind of paste....
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Your colours.. just so awesome... <3
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Dude all your pictures are amazing! I want to print them all out and put them in picture frames! :D
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I wish I was HALF this good.
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amazing..... like.... damn...
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This is beautiful. Just looking at it is very relaxing. The width here works very well, there are many points to draw the viewers eye through the painting. Although with Fluttershy, here I feel her nostril is too emphasized as to find it distracting. But honestly that's just nitpicking. I must also mention that I very much like the way you painted Fluttershy's mane. What strikes me most is the overall ambience
Damnit. I didn't even notice the nostril until I read your comment. Now my eye goes right to it every time. As you said, though, it's still a wonderful painting.
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