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Our Hearts and Hooves

Just something quick I wanted to make just for the Hearts and hooves day. I got to rush it today :P
As for now we received only one canon shipping in the show (except of married couples) so I decided to put Cheerilee and BigMac in there. This is also my first Gazebo ever painted/drawn so it may be a bit off.

I love them ponies happy... or mad :P
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simply not to be
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"We received only one canon shipping" Or so we might have thought... :D
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U're probably the best MLP artist ever!
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Aawww...That is so adorable place. ^.^
kajsamountainbridge's avatar
What do you use to draw?
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My favorite pairing. 
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Personally, I would ship Mac with Fluttershy simply because in the Hearts and Hooves day episode they were only under the control of a potion *cough* CMC *cough* and by the end of the episode they were back in their real state, and clearly only viewed each other as friends.

But whatever, still phenomenal art!
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Love the way you've drawn Cheerilee! :D
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Aww! How romantic! :love:
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omg , i love your art style
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Beautiful color mix...And I like the idea of Big Macintosh and Cheerilee being a couple!
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Your art is awesome. It should be in a museum or something like that.
AskTheSketchSisters's avatar
there is something in the reflection of the water..

I have begun to search for all of your easter eggs xD
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oh wow this is gorgeous, all your artwork is amazing, i love how they are in wide frame really adds to the epicness
MLPegasis4898's avatar
This is so beautiful I'm gonna cry... :love: :love: :love:
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Beautiful.  I love the effort you put in the background: it looks like a place I'd love to walk.
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D'awwwww........ ^^ So adorable!! :D 

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that's the posion effect too? ajjajaaj
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HOW............on this quick??!?!?! o-o it would take me like at least a week to draw this *faints*
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la in love are you doing prints of this?
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