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One Lost Apple

Just another Everfree forest requested by AppleCider1412. This is the best Applebloom I can get and I really enjoyed painting her. I just love the Apple family. There are some minor differences between this forest and my previous one but I simply didn't want to repeat the same stuff.
Please, Enjoy some Applebloom :) and don't worry about her. She will be all right... all... right...
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I saw this picture as a thumbnail on Scribbler Productions’s YouTube channel. You did a good job on this picture here. ^^

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NEVER go into the Everfree forest...especially at night!
Apple Bloom will be almost alright. The timberwolf in the background somehow didn't spot her, and she ran into some other pony who happened to teleport them both to the backyard of FlutterShy's cottage. The only thing that will disturb Apple Bloom is that she will be interrogated to tears by some random Phoenix Wright in the future... 
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This screams Story of the blanks so much.
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Kind of like story of the blank flanks.
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Is that the Baba Yaga's walking hut in the background? Dude, creepy!
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Yes it is. Nice to see someone notice that :)
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It's a very nice detail, I really like your artwork.
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  A little filly in a big adventure! :w00t:  I´m cheering to Applebloom back in one piece. :fingerscrossed:  Artwork and coloring  are great! :clap:
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Oh my gosh... poor Applebloom... She's gonna be okay! *hugs her*

Seriously though, your work always leaves me breathless!! ^^ 
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Ah, found the rusty horse shoe... now go away you old hag.

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in the story of blanks game what happens i got to the part where everything is ruined and c-creepy after the part where you go inside the creepy h-house but i got to scared to finish it...
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<font><font>si se fijan bien, en el fondo es la casa club de la CMC. </font><font>excelente trabajo.</font></font>Apple Bloom Emote
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I like it, but she seems out of place.
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applebloom found these notes in the forest:

Can't run
Always watches no eyes
No no no no no no no no
Don't look or it takes you
Help me
Leave me alone
*a draw of a strange creature*

applebloom looks back
*static effect*
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A NOTE IN A TREE: always watches no eyes
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So many Story of the Blanks flashbacks from this! Beautifully designed!
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Excellent job on the forest; the use of low-saturated colors really gives it a gloomy, creepy feel. My only suggestion would be to do something with Bloom's eyes; they seem a little too bright for the dim lighting in the forest.
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Wow! I love the atmosphere in this pic. Outstanding!
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You do really good job on the backgrounds.
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omg its SoTB all over again
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This looks really great! Thanks for sharing! :)
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