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Once upon a time in Equestria

By Devinian
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Yup! Pre-Canterlot Equestria? Thats my concept of The Ancient castle of the Royal sisters or whatever it was called :D
This idea hit me when I was re-watching FiM pilot for no parent reason whatsoever. I'm guessing Everfree forest wasn't that big back then or the ruins were actually on the other side of it. It was just my silly guessing. I will be very unhappy if they show this castle fully intact in season 4.
Lots of happy colours in this one. Even my *.psd file was actually named colorfulland!
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I went on a tiny adventure, seeing a avatar on a Chinese website of that castle, I kept reverse image searching until I find my way here. Adventure!

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I love this, dude! I thought it actually was Canterlot for a moment, but you did a really good job.

It looks like even Ponyville was smaller back then!
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AlanNights2013Student Digital Artist
"That's my concept of The Ancient castle of the Royal sisters or whatever it was called"

Well, we can actually call it like that, since it was never called anyhow special. Every time it was mentioned, it was just called "an Old Royal Castle" :P :)
And it was literally EVERY time ;)
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ArizvegaStudent Artist
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kvacmProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, I hate that unicorns... but yeah, the drawning is amazing! Great job!
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This looks stunning that is an very beautiful panting
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What a hoot it would be if Celestia and Luna originally live in Dream Castle from Gen 1 :lol:
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J25TheArcKingHobbyist General Artist
Very beautiful painting of the land of Equestria...
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jebens1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ponyville before the Mane 6, and I see you put Surprise and Firefly too, I love it.
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there is derpy too
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drakiniteHobbyist Filmographer
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Nekomi89Hobbyist Artist
I totally love this one! Love The Royal caste looks amazing! :D (Big Grin) 
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WildKrattsFanaticHobbyist General Artist
someone used this in a song video, does anyone know where it is? because i don't remember the name
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SolyWackHobbyist Digital Artist
I might be a bit late, but this is the one (I think):…
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WildKrattsFanaticHobbyist General Artist
thank you a ton!
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As someone who follows your work I thought I should bring your attention to this -…

The games title screen uses your picture above.

One thing to note, the page links to… on the channel of someone with a Polish name, this further links to what appears to be an old Polish blog. I also notice from DA that you say you're resident in Dębica.

So if you're the same guy, then sorry to take up your time, but if not, I just thought you should know your work is being used without credit.
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leogtheartistHobbyist Traditional Artist
WHERE TF BE LUNA???? She should only be a little filly, but still! They're not that far apart.

Also is that Doctor Whooves I see across the creek?
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RandomPedestrian114Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is that derby hooves on the fence looking at the waterwheel?
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ShanabivHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehe *Walks inside painting and Steps on celestia* YES!!!! I AM HAPPY NOW!!!!! MY LIFE HAPPY!!!!!
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I love colorful art the most :D
Gorgeous artwork and concept ^^ Going for pre-G4 ponies such as Surprise and Firefly was such a cool idea too! :D
Wow that castle... o.o The architecture is magnificent! I'm interested, by which culture, era or country was the design of this catle inspired from, if any?
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CelestialPonyStudent Traditional Artist
This composition is beautiful, and the scenery is breathtaking. There are so many small little details inputted to make this artwork fairly realistic and special. Great job!
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What a beautiful rendition of the old castle!
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