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Nature of the Moon

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This one is not as rich in detail as the one with Celestia, but this was kinda the point. I was inspired by an art with a specific pallet of colors and wanted to do something like it. The saturated blue really shines on the red tinted background.
Color is doing all the work here. Whatever you may think about it, I am happy with myself. Though again, it doesn't look like a room in Canterlot, but I'm getting there. Canterlot tends to be really blue. I prefer to think they have a bigger variety of walls in the other chambers.
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wyyan100Hobbyist General Artist

Super amazing stuff

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Luna's Ottoman Version
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For once she looks content. So many night pictures of Luna have an air of sadness about her. It's a nice change.
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JoeMavroHobbyist General Artist
Ah, I remember this one. It's beautiful and regal, but you should have applied at least a little of Luna's personality into it...some subtle bat and moon adornments here and there, maybe. 
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TyrantChimeraHobbyist General Artist
gorgeous backgrounds!
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So pretty! Such nightly regal elegance!
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"Not as rich in detail"?

I beg to differ.  It is rich in the detail presented, from my eyes.
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist

And so regal!
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morion87Hobbyist Writer
3 alicorns down. Any plans to do Cadance like one of these? 
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That dress is beautiful.
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Joan-Grace Digital Artist
Those clouds!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any particular tutorials/references you use for them?
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JoakahaHobbyist General Artist
:wow: Amazing! :heart:
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RollsRockerHobbyist Artist
Incredible work man!
Such a well chose color pallete and shading ^_^ idk, not an artist, but overall this is very pleasing to the eye ^_^
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This is absolutely stunning!


You did a fantastic job bringing The Princess of the Night to life in such a beautiful and splendidly regal way. Luna herself is magnificent in her form, texture, and style. Outstanding work on her mane & tail effects, and I love how the moonlight plays off of her beautiful eyes and highlights her thoughtful and happy expression. Her outfit and accessories are spectacular on their own, and on her they bring out her beauty in ways never seen before.


As for her parlor, there's just way too much awesomeness to describe, never mind the gorgeous moonlit sky casting everything in its magical glow on top of the room's own lighting. Everything is so wonderfully plush and elegant, and though it may be "rough" when zoomed in, it all ties together perfectly when it fits the screen; actually, if anything that working style lends a softer and more-natural look to everything, and then the elements which are finely detailed (glassware, curtain and upholstery patterns, etc.) stand out even more sharply detailed.


Finally, it's sweet to see little Tiberius snoozing away on the ottoman. So adorable!


Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.
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Ahh no words!
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Gosh...This is simply incredible. Those deatails just have blown my mind. Such a regal look of Her, and it suits Her the most. That's why I love to see dresses on Lu. Ah, those eyes and lips...
I've been staring at this piece for 20 minutes or so, looking at the background, at the Blue Moon, and...staring at Luna, of course. There are so few really large-scale and detailed works of Her, where you can literally feel the life withing a picture, like it'd been drawn from a real place, from real Luna.
Darn it, I'm so pleased with this. Thanks for your hard work on this. I'm surtainly going to buy a print. You do ship those to Russia, don't you?

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DevinianHobbyist General Artist
Randomly I'll say I have no idea how prints work. I was asked to set it up so I did. I hope I don't have to do anything more. DA should do everything else about it, should it? Oh, I do hope I didn't leave people with nothing... I don't have mugs, or a printer
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I guess so either. I haven't purchased anything from Deviant yet, but it must be settled somewhere.
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kelseyleah General Artist
This is gorgeous! I love it to pieces!
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LeDaverixHobbyist Digital Artist
wow beautiful pic...  specially the details and decorations are awsome :D
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ChazmoBrockersHobbyist Digital Artist
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AshCatArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
Shoot. I need to practice more on my backgrounds. Looks plenty "rich" to me! You are an artistic inspirtaion!

My favorite things are the curtains and the objects in the china cabinet. 
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Wonderful work!
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