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My little schoolhouse

By Devinian
Yey CMC! This time I felt like delving into some carefree life of pony youth. Mainly I was interested in a schoolhouse. There was always something nice and cozy in those school houses from the past, that made me really want to be a part of it. This might have been the best part of the "Road to Avonlea".
 Actually, this piece was occupying my desktop for a longer time now and it was that moment to finish it up. More observant of you might notice there's some lineart visible here and there. That's because I begun painting on my sketch layer and didn't noticed this 'til it was too late. Well, *it happens.

(And yes, hashtags still suck)
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Nice details and beautiful art.
ILikeLilPipALot's avatar
stunning and the details are simply amazing
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Its almost like it was done by Kinkade.  I miss that guy's Disney and Yosemite works.
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I got lost in this picture for quite some time now... especially those mountains... this is somehow sooo soothing. I just love it.
BloodinMyenam's avatar
Amazing.And you are aware that this piece was featured in a Fan Art Friday journal, correct? A very high honor!
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Those mountains are amazing!
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This is somehow both dramatic and overwhelming, yet cute and charming. The foreground is first sweet and small, emphasizing the innocent nature of the characters depicted. Then after looking at the background you get an impressive sense of a much larger, scarier world, with the dramatic mountains. Awesome art!
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I'm glad you're enjoying my work and my little tomfoolery with the depth. No matter where you start, Youth can be either the beggining of a great adventure or a calm before the storm.
ooooh this is so cute and pretty
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The background's too beautiful for words. What's Tank doing here without Dash, though?
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OKAY!!? how are you so epic!?

tutorial. nao...pwease.
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Now, that's what I most certainly love, a rarely found art which I thirst for - mixing majestic realism with cartoony elements of the original.
Amazing work, done by a professional hand.
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I LOVE your landscapes so much! :D This is so great! And the way you're drawing ponies is so cute ^.^
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Marvelous ! this is beautiful !
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It's still amazing to look back on how far you have come in all these years...
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Freaking amazing. This piece makes me feel like I'm looking at an actual WORLD. I want to see what's down the road, I want to know what it looks like from that mountain top. Excellent work!
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This is one of those piece where you have to zoom in to get the full effect. I lope how open the whole environment feels, like I can almost feel the space and depth in this.
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