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Lost in a diary

Or The great and powerful diary (because that wasn't overused already) Seems like diaries are a common thing in Equestria. I can see Trixie having one being almost her best friend and trusty traveling companion. Shes one of those characters we don't actually know much about, but what the show depicts makes her look very ambitious yet not so succesful... wherever she is now.
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Hi there Devinian! So I recently based a landscape off of the background for this piece. I kept some elements, the pallette, the bridge, trixie etc but added or changed others. I was wondering if i could post it up on my DA with your permission. Thank you!
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A Great & Powerful Entry.
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The details are strong with this one. The scenery is beautiful and I can totally relate to Trixie here. What elsecan I say? Oh right... fav!
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Hmm, wonder why' she writing her dairy with a wet mane. Beautiful background. Love the windmill. Ooh, a black kitty cat! So adorable! *chases it*
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This is incredibly beautiful and detailed!
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Such a beautiful autumn forest! :D
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Oh... my... gosh... 

Breathtaking! Simply GODLY artist skill. This is just... I don't know what to say...

This scenery... autumn forest, mountains, rivers, bridge, the windmill... Just like they've been taken from my imagination and drawn by you... That's just epic!
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You couldn't have summed it up better!
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i think trixie is doing the right thing by writing in a diary.
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I would call it a rather risky positioning of the ink container, but then... I'm probably oversensitive to such things.
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Oh, wow, you've captured the moment so perfectly. 
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Sweet Celestia! Your art is just gorgeous! The mountains, the foliage, the structures, the ponies (of course)...BEAUTIFUL!

I love how Trixie looks so bedraggled! :P  
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Pretty Trixie, and beautiful landscape! :la:
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"I hate my life! I hate Twilight Sparkle! The great and powerful Trixie will get back at her someday!"

That's probably what she writes in that diary of hers every. single. day. =P
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I can almost imagine this as a real scene. It very closely resembles reality! You have earned a follower.
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I love the detail on the autumn trees in the background, you have such an eye for stunning detail! :la:
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Not a Trixie fan here, still pretty awesome.
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