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Dance of the Windigoes

Somepony is seriously fighting in that castle causing windigos to make a mess! Thats a Request I managed to complete for :iconspartan-5796: It is loosely based on some existing oil painting he sent me, but I didn't want to simply copy it. Damn you THX, why would you need so much details on the Canterlot castle?
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Honestly, if the show ever shows the fall of equestria, or a future generation references it, I hope they use the wendigoes. An outside threat like Tirek or Discord will mean it was conquered, but the Wendigoes would mean the government collapsed from within
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The scenery looks really amazing with the canterlot and the windigoes capturing the whole picture.
I like this and it gave me a thought.  What if this is how MLP:FIM is suppose to end?  What if the Windigo take out one of the Mane 6 first rendering the use of the Elements of Harmony inert?  If that happened they would struggle to find a way to defeat the Windigo and what if one by one all the Mane 6 was taken down leaving only Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, and Spike.  The only hope left would be for one of them to go to Canterlot High to ask for help from Sunset Shimmer and the Human Mane 6.  This sounds like a good story line because if the Mane 6 are taken out one by one and I am talking about them being frozen the Human Mane 6 would have to come over and save Equestria. 
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Kids show, dude. I love a dark storyline as much as anyone, but Hasbro would never let one of the mane 6 die. They won't even admit that AJ's parents may be deceased
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This is just beautiful. I like the little Spike taking it all in.
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The depth of these landscapes, makes you feel as if you are there.
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Woowww! This is beautiful!!
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Your artwork is truly that of the gods. I didn't know mlp could inspire such amazing artwork
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I can picture cars and agricultural vehcles driving on that dirt track!
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la fabulosa canterlot con F mayúscula 
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wow, just freaking wow.
All of the mlp art in your gallery makes me wish for a MLP MMORPG.
No joke.
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i spy Shining Armor, Carrot Top(?) and i can't identify the other pony.
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I'm pretty sure it's Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, and maybe Aunt Orange?  
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Your art never ceases to amaze me.
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These are just plain amazing!
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Te krajobrazy są...powalające I think I've fainted. Zresztą jak wszystko w Twoich artach XD
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