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Commission: Traveling Across

By Devinian
Hello again, dear DA! This commission was made for :iconinfrasonicman: involving his Earth Pony OC named Ever Steady.
It's a Cargo hauling, delivery pony. I guess even equestria needs their own UPS, right? Town in the background is just some random unnamed settlement. We don't have enough referencess in the show to even know how towns other than Ponyville can look like. There was a bit of experimenting with a different time of day and some yellow light it creates :P
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esto es belleza de niveles nucleares, que deben ser guardadas en las memorias del fadom por toda la eternidad

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Exquisite rendering and focus. The focal character looks like a traveling tinker, like those found in Patrick Rothfuss' "Kingkiller Chronicle." Not just a deliveryman, but also a fixer and finder, jack-of-all-trades.

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how can one picture be so detailed breh o-0 its truly amazing :'3 but i have a question. how can i ask for a pic?
leogtheartist's avatar
Reminds me of what California used to be.
Hayrros's avatar
Oh my.. Every single detail on every single element of the drawing !
It's colorful, it's beautiful, it's breathtaking !

Seriously, when I see this, I get IN the picture; I see the golden wheat field,
the warm of the summer's end.
All is harmony here. Thank you very much for sharing your talent
xerion567's avatar
le gasp la What a breathtakingly beautiful countryside! :la: The warm golds of the fields and the subtle blues of the mountains and the sky bring such peace. Meditate emotion 
zilvart's avatar
Awesome painting^^ I love the background it looks so good^^
Really beautiful use of late afternoon lighting; this almost looks like it could belong in a Hallmark painting!
Kyoshyu's avatar
The background is to die for!
K4nK4n's avatar
Nothing's more comforting than an image of the countryside. So lovely.
chuckitty's avatar
I love the depth you are able to create in your art, it feels like your there. Love the random farmer doing his thing and the subtle lighting in the clouds and road. Also like the harness, you kept it MLP like but very workable. Gorgeous!
AcidAir03's avatar
Przepiękne *.*
Makenshi179's avatar
Amazing artwork, I love it SO much!! The drawing style, the landscape, the gentle scene... It's all so awe-inspiring! ^_^ This is the kind of scenery that I love the most. Nature-ish, and with a strong call for adventure. Astounding work! Also I love the style of the houses, in half-timbering, just like in here in Alsace, France.
alexmakovsky's avatar
Wow! So awesome! *_*
BarryFromMars's avatar
Nice scenery and clouds.
Keen-Blade's avatar
I love the detail and sense of distance.
Urnemanden's avatar
thanks for providing your artwork in this high quality man
Devinian's avatar
Oh, my pleasure. Making details is the most fun. I have no idea why others stop so soon :)
cajobif's avatar
You keep amaze me with your incredibly detailed, rich and gorgeous pieces.

Amazing work.
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Those flowers and waves of grain look amazing!
MudslingerArtist's avatar
pretty nice work and detailing :)
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Niiice! Looks great! :D :D :D
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