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Commission: Crystals of thy heart

Another one done. This time it's a Crystal Empire for Mr. LoyalWing :iconloyalwing: with his OC present on the piece alongside our nerdy Princess Twilight. Seems like royal guards are really into her :)
 I allowed myself for some artistic interpretation by adding random river next to the city to make the place look a bit less... empty. Why wouldn't someone want a river in their city?
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So gorgeous! 😍😍😍 Good work!

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This is absolutely gorgeous! The crystal palace is magnificent, and the characters are very well-drawn, but I cannot force my eyes away from the horizon! The half-hidden sun, that lovely rosy-orange light, those beautiful, towering back-lit clouds... it's beautiful, an absolute feast for the eyes.
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Your Skills are godly...
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Holy shit, that sunset. The glow is real. This is awesome.
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do u take point Commissions?
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Wow this commission probably cost a fortune. Haha! This is really beautiful.
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Nice, the Crystal Empire is very pretty, and I bet his OC and Twilight has at least better chemistry then Twilight and Flash(seriously, there is like none between, them, so I do not understand why some still ship them?)
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:clap: absolutly fantastic. sadly can fave it just one time
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Your art is so beautiful. . .it brings me to tears. Q_Q Part of that ties into personal reasons, but DAMN. This is incredible.
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WOW !! This is so fucking awesome ! I never can do this ;-;
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Everything looks so glorious in this. The background is stunning! Great work! :D
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Stunning oh my god
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This amount of details is unbelievable impressive.
Absolutely wonderful; this couldn't have been done better.
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Such a waifu stealer! lol! Just kidding.
Amazing art, and this is such a sweet scene ^.^ I especially love the tree trunk at the bottom left corner of the picture, and the pine to the right. (Yeah I'm a big Nature lover so those things are definitely what catches my eye first :D)
Also I love the backpack, the sunset, those light trails in the sky, the flowers, the distant river and meadows... Everything, actually! :D
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i love that drawing!!! it looks romantic and calm.
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Oh my goodness, this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I can't believe I literally spent about 20 minutes on this page just by looking at every single detail and studying them. How did you do this? Photoshop?
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wow. This whole scene is just absolutely incredible.
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Wow that's a breathtaking background here x3
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The Crystal Empire looks so awesome.
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