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Commission: Befriending Clouds

By Devinian
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Heh. You might think this one isn't pony related, but the OC here named White Wishes is a draconequus of sort and belongs to :iconmagicaitrevor:
Challenge here was to paint an ocean/sea and sky using more than just one color. It took me a while before I fixed the color scheme though. We all learn new things over time aren't we? I always had some sort of foreground, so giving something like this a go was a nice change for me. I think the outcome has... a relaxing feel to it.
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Oh I thought it was transforming, claw emerging form hoof, hind legs white peeling off.
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So incredible.
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this is a realy beautiful art work of a draconequiss 
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This is so so so beautiful! I am awestruck by your artworks!! they are breath taking <3 Such talent :D :O 
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That is so pretty, hnng.
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Lovely work and OC man ^_^
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The outcome has an astonishing feel to. This is one of those few pieces that can be called breathtaking without any exaggerations. You are definitely one of my favourite artists and I'm so happy to have you back. :)
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At first I thought the same thing: Is this even ponyrelated? But then I've read the description and the important word draconequus. After that I thought the OC could even be a griffon because of his wings and claws. In the end it was a mix, partly draconequues and partly a griffon Wink/Razz 

But what really fascinated me is my impression of this "map". I needed some time, but I finally rememered where I've seen something similar before: It's looking like a part of the map of the game "Assassin's Creed - Black Flag". In that game there are islands of a similar shape. And I wanna fly to these islands one day too, because the impression on me is that of an adventure :happybounce: 
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Adventure is usually a great experience. In games, movies, TV shows and of course even in real life traveling, experiencing new places and activities is just incredibly interesting. (oh how I wish the new Tomb Raider games weren't 98% shooting). World is incredibly interesting place, just avoid the places with giant deadly insects.
Oh, I haven't played Assassin's Creed 4 yet. I want to (because of pirates), but I experienced only the first one and it left bad taste in my mouth.
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I will gladly avoid the places where I could get the dangerous feelings of the Indiana Jones Movies :P But I believe the best adventures are made in our fantasies. So many places that are existing only there and nowhere else. That's why I believe that dreaming of adventures are sometimes the best ones I could ever think of Clap 

The first AC game is not good at all, and I had to play it two times because I had problems with the first try of this game. For me, all the Assassin's Creed games that followed after (AC 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, AC 3 [with American history], and then AC 4 aka Black Flag, and my favourite AC Rogue Love, and AC Unity) were even individually always better than the previous one (except AC Syndicate. Couldn't get the feeling of this game). 
AC 2 till AC Revelations: Ezio Auditore da Firence, and with some flashbacks to the time of Altair, but with far better story.
AC 3: Connor Kenway, and the American History with, for example, The Boston Tea Party and the first president of America.
AC 4: Edward Kenway, Connor's grandfather. Pirates everywhere :D (Big Grin) 
AC Rogue: Like a spin-off, playing a sympathic templar character against the assassins :o (Eek)  
AC Unity: The Revolution in France. Learnt a few things about history I wasn't taught in school at all.

Once you'll play AC 4, you'll remember the map of this picture ;)
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Yes... I was never a fan of the entire "modern age" stages of the game. Starting the game in the first one just takes forever and exiting was just making me mad. So slow and pointless, very convoluted way of doing the historical themed game. Not to mention everything there was just incredibly boring (characters, story parts, etc). I'm more into a history and historical games like this (settings not the accuracy) should be perfect for me. I do hope this Time machine thingy won't bother me in future games that much.

Oh... I love the 19th century so I was hoping for Syndicate to be any good. I put it on my "must play" list.
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My advice for AC1: Put it into the back of a corner and let it become dusty. Even I won''t play it ever again.

Syndicate is, for me, more like AC3: Not the best character and battle style, but the history (For Syndicate it's about England and London) is more fascinating. Maybe you'll get one or more ideas for another adventure picture(s) as soon as you'll play one of the other Assassin's Creed games Clap 
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you are just so amazing and your art is so amazing I wish I could do art that good! thats just freaking...omg
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Wow, it is gorgeous!
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Adventures i the Camarebbian Sea! Stunning beauty.
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this is beyond good and evil. This is a masterpiece of pure beauty. A drop of the finest bits nature can give to us. I'm struggling to find the words just too descripe the epicniss this picture is oozing with. 

It's inspiring me. I want to create something such as wonderfull, to light up someones rainy day. ;_; 
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I can't even describe how amazing this is!
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