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Commission: Anticipated Visitor

By Devinian
This one is for :icontehgoatboi: Trance Sequence and Toko Yakkai. I do belive that little veggie garden is enough to avoid all those daily grocery shopping rounds.
As a person who loves houses surrounded by nature, this was something more up my alley (even if some if it are twisted trees of the Everfree) so I was trying my best to make it feel more peaceful and calm. Apparently orange and green do work together even outside the woods. I was afraid this will end up looking more like a fall season, but garden had enough green to liven things up.
It may be too sunny for the late afternoon, but you can freely comment on that.
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Such a beautiful image. I love the background and use of green colours so much.Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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It's so beautiful.
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I realize i never publicly posted here how much i sincerely and absolutely love this... and Toko does too

you captured so much magic here, it was just as i imagined <3 

Thank you so much 
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Amazing work. Wow.
It is early fall judging by the plants in the garden and the basket. Also, this is pretty much exact amount of light of the late afternoon.
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Absolutely amazing! That is a beautifully drawn scene. I love it! :thumbsup: :love:
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And another beautiful scenery Love  The landscape, especially the Everfree Forest, is well made and I like the idea of an own garden. I'm wondering what he will be cooking for them both with these many vegetables :o (Eek) 
The idea of an own house near the forest is already well known from Fluttershy, but this is more like "feeling (at) home". I still hope that some day I will find a place like this one Meow :3 

There is just one thing bugging me: The title "Anticipated Visitor" isn't exactly matching the picture with the ponies, in my opinion, because the feeling this picture is giving me (for a title) is more like "meeting/date, afternoon, cooking, forest..." and some of this sort. But then again it's just me ^^
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I think you did the lighting just right!  It's a really cute picture! :D
RollsRocker's avatar
Really cute work ^_^
TiberiusMoon's avatar
awesome :D
how long did it take? :o
Devinian's avatar
Hmm hard to say exactly. I'm not doing things in just one seating. It was done in a month or so.
TiberiusMoon's avatar
ahh ofc, but once again really good work :3
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Loooooving the scenery and the vegetables!! Amazing work! :D
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Awesome work man ^_^
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Realistic Equestria are stunning. I feel that every time when i complete next house and plant it to my scenery. )
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You seriously just didn't advertise yourself under this art here , did you? O_O
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Heh i just told about that effect what appear, when you turn some cartoon screenshot into reality. Especially pony houses with all their ornaments and things.

Needs for egoboosts are past for me :D
JackyBunnyBun's avatar
but why then the link to your work xD
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Cause he wanted to.
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That garden looks amazing! That hint of forest on the right looks beautiful too 
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This feels so wonderful and alive.
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