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My Bio
A neutral person depends of some see me as

Favourite Movies
Have non since I see them equally
Favourite TV Shows
Briefly watch nowadays unless it's interesting
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to list
Favourite Games
Mostly Mario games
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Adventuring mostly
Other Interests
Luigi & Daisy
Characters who are my favorite: Luigi Daisy Characters I'm ok with: Mario Peach Wario Rosalina Yoshi Birdo DK Bowser Bowser Jr. Toad Toadette Characters that are meh: Waluigi OTP= One True Pairing ships/That makes sense: LuigixDaisy=Luaisy MarioxPeach=Mareach OFP= One False Pairing ships/That doesn't make sense: MarioxDaisy=Maraisy LueachxPeach=Lueach WarioxPeach=Wareach WaluigixDaisy=Waluaisy LuigixRosalina=Luisalina Any crossover character that's paired with Mario, Luigi, Peach, & Daisy
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Though I'll have my enjoyment with viewing and commenting art wherever I proceed, I'm talking about a word to spread of a certain Mario character that needs potential to shine through, her name is "Princess Daisy"! For those who love and support the character I have here a petition founded by Daisy supporter that would get her shot into becoming a main status player. Here's the petition from
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Please quit pestering people about Daisy! >:U

He stopped doing that over three years ago now.

Bubble Mage by BubbleDriver emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver Salutations ! Just dropping by to say stay strong in these tough times and being awesome !!!! Have a wonderful day !!!! emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver
Stop spamming people about Daisy!

It's great that you like Daisy. She's a cool character. I like her too.

But you gotta stop being annoying and obnoxious about it! People don't wanna be contacted about this sort of thing, usually. It's the same as Jehovah's witnesses coming to the door.

Plus, she is NOT YOUR CHARACTER, so you can't tell the owner what to do with her and where to put her. Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't have to put her everywhere if he don't wanna.

Final note. Petitions on don't do shit. Just sayin'.
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