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Mario and Yoshi

A little project I am working on. Based on Mario RPG. I have a few more characters to go.
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Somehow, even in this style you made Yoshi look cute. Which is pretty neat. I admire the thought behind this.
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What I love about this is that even though Yoshi is now a badass dinosaur, you still retained a level of his cuteness. Well done. :)
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Nice work, I love the style. But perhaps you can move the tail so that its not so stiff?
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haha this is great! one of the best mario fan redesigns/concepts I ever saw. Good job! :)
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Awesome Mario!!
Draethius's avatar
This is one of the most AWESOME styles I've seen Mario and Yoshi in. Well done!

I'd definitely like to see more on this project. 83
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I would sooooo play this!!! Love  Drooling Tard  ABSENCE OF MIND. 
KamiNeko98's avatar
That is crazy! XD
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I thought it was a painting when I first saw it! Great 3D!
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Amazing work !!
crazed-monkey's avatar
Don't trust him Yoshi!! He'll condemn you to the Stygian pit for a double jump! Run! Run while you can!!
KoppKnakka's avatar
Lolololol that's amazing
Lady-Darkstreak's avatar
oh my gosh, that is brilliant <3
This is how I'm gonna view Mario for awhile. It seems exactly like what he'd really look like.
solo asi mario podría ser un juego para  adultos 
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So kewl...  Love to see Luigi!
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 Interesting idea. I applaud the creativity.
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Truly amazing. Can't remember seeing such a fresh take on the character.
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This looks great. :)
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