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POF|Application|Flamingfeather by DevilsRealm POF|Application|Flamingfeather by DevilsRealm
:new:Last update: 12/8/16

General Info

Name: Flamingfeather
        [Flaming] For her fiery spirit and pelt; In honor of Flamingpelt
        [Feather] In honor of Featherwing; For her gracefulness 
Age: 20 moons
Gender: :female: 
Clan: Moonclan
Rank: Warrior


Burningclaw- Father| Dead
Sweetsong- Mother| Dead
Risingblaze- Sister| Alive
Rushingfire- Brother| Alive
Brightpaw- Sister| Dead

Flamingpelt- Paternal Grandfather| Dead



Flamingfeather is a slim flame-pointed she-cat who's not afraid to speak her mind. She's headstrong and confident in her abilities as well as others that she doesn't know on a personal level, but getting respect from her means saving you from her bark. She is known to be loyal and dedicated to her clan, friends and family. Flamingfeather is respectful despite her tongue and places respect almost priory number one.

She's feisty, often times placing herself in charge of patrols because of her attitude. She is sharp with her tongue and is sassy with sarcasm spewing out. This is especially more common with cats she doesn't like. However she is a bit confusing because if she does like you, Flamingfeather uses aggressively passive words of encouragement. Often defuses complements with little insults right after, but in no need to harm anyone's feelings. It's sadly the way she is.

Flamingfeather does have a tendency to snap at others without really meaning it. She's short-tempered and easily gets annoyed to actions unnecessary and foolish. She is stubborn to her heart, often times will not change her mind or back down from a fight until she has no more fire in her left to fight back. Flamingfeather, ironically, can be cold and give some of her clan-mates the cold shoulder.

  • Loves watching the sunrise/set and fireflies
  • Has sensitive pawpads and small paws
  • Is quick on her feet
  • Claims to hate sappy things, false she only hates being sappy 
  • Has Thunder and River blood; Full Moon blood
  • Distrust towards Medicine Cats 

[Before Birth]
Scared and terrified that the two would be caught, Sweetsong and Burningclaw have tried their best to hide their relationship within the group. Though Riverclan and Thunderclan were getting closer, they could never be too cautious. When it was revealed that Sweetsong was expecting kits, Burningclaw was excited but anxious as well. For many moons he couldn't see his secret mate, even after giving birth. Sweetsong gave birth to two kits, Rushingkit and Risingkit.

When the their clans merged together as Moonclan, their two strong kits becoming apprentices. The two could finally be a family together.

Moons later Sweetsong was expecting another litter..

Flamingkit was born next to Brightkit during Leaf Fall. Still foreign to the new territory, food was hard to come by. Flamingkit didn't like being cooped up in the nursery den and often tried escaping by sneaking past her mother and the other nursing queens but to no luck. Her sister, the more kinder of the two, was always by her side and keeping her company. The sisters were rather inseparable and were very close siblings.

"Hey Flamingkit?"
"We're going to be warriors together right?"
"Of course we are silly! We're going to be the best warriors of all! Better than Rushingpaw and Risingpaw!"
"Hehe~ Ok! Let's be the best warriors there is in Moonclan!"
It was Greenleaf when they became apprentices.

Flamingpaw was assigned Featherwing to be her mentor and they did not make a good impression on each other at first. Flamingpaw often didn't do the things her mentor told her to do and Featherwing often had to chase after the bothersome apprentice and punish her. Often times her punishments were to clean the Elder's den, which backfired on Featherwing's part because her grandfather was there to tell her stories of what the clans used to be like. She loved the stories her grandfather told her and often wondered what it would be like if the clans had won against the rogues. She dreams of the idea of being a noble cat worthy to have a story about her deeds pass down to generations.

Though they had different mentors, Brightpaw and Flamingpaw were still close as they were before, but now that they were apprentices that meant going outside the camp and adventuring. One night during Leaf-bare, the two snuck out of camp to wander the new territory. Flamingpaw, being too fascinated with her new surroundings, never noticed how much her sister was coughing.

The next morning, Brightpaw was ill in the medicine cat den with whitecough. Catmint was hard to find in their new territory, and Flamingpaw prayed that her sister would get better. She didn't, her illness grew worse by each night and soon her illness evolved to greencough. Flamingpaw could only stand outside, hearing her sister's weakening coughs and wheezes.

Brightpaw died, and was buried by her family that night.

Flamingpaw couldn't sleep peacefully after that, often plagued with their vows as a kit or Brightpaw haunting her dreams saying that she didn't save her. She always ran to Flamingpelt for comfort, until his life gave out on him and became no more. Her parents grieved for their fallen family, but not as much as Flamingpaw was. 

A few moons later it was announced that Burningclaw was killed by a monster. Devastated for the lost of both her mate and kit, Sweetsong ran off into the woods and never came back. It was announced moons later that they found her body. 

Flamingpaw was empty inside, her parents gone, her grandfather deceased, her best friend and sister dead. For the longest time Flamingpaw had depression that hindered her training and her fiery passion gone. She gained much to little or no support or comfort from her older siblings. It wasn't until she was 17 moons that her mentor, the cat she never gotten along with, gave her a shoulder to cry on.

"It's ok to grief, it's what makes us alive. But we can not grief all the time Flamingpaw. We all have something to do, something achieve. Don't you?" Her vow to become the best warrior with Brightpaw echoed in her ears.
"You are going to be the next legend to be told in stories like your grandfather did. You are going to become the best warrior that Moonclan has. And you ARE, going to be the best warrior, for Brightpaw."

A spark rekindled in Flamingpaw's mind, as her once emotionless eyes lit up with the same fire she always had. 

In a matter of a few moons, Flamingpaw has caught up with her training.

By her 19th moon, Flamingfeather was rose from her ashes.


By her 20th moon, Flamingfeather has handled being a new warrior now. With her mind set straight and her goals at heart. 

She was ready to work her way up.

Sexual Info

Pansexual | Attraction to all genders

"You think you can handle me?"

-Has a sense of humor
-Won't give up on her

Bullet; Red Lust
Bullet; Pink Love
Bullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Orange Unsure
Bullet; White Past
Bullet; Green Active
Bullet; Black Regrets



Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green Positive Impression
Bullet; WhiteBullet; Red Negative Impression
Bullet; White Unsure
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Fear
Bullet; Blue Aquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Good Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBest Friend
Bullet; Yellow Love (Platonic)
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Lust
Bullet; Red Love (Minor) (Romantic)
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Love (Fully)
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red Love (Obsession)
Bullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Wants Dead
Bullet; Orange Respect 
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Respect (hero-like)
Bullet; Purple Family
Rose Mate
Black Rose Ex Mate

Name |Role to Cat|

Pixel: Moon MoonclanPixel: Moon 
Mallowstar |Leader|
[1]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green|Bullet; Orange|
My leader. I believe she'll lead Moonclan well and who knows? Maybe get back our land.

Ravenflight |Deputy|
[1]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green|Bullet; Orange|
The deputy. Don't know her that well, but Mallowstar chose her so I trust in her decision.

Midnightflame |Medicine Cat|
[1]Bullet; White|
The medicine cat. Look..I know, she's not the same medicine cat that couldn't save my sister's natural for me to have doubts ok?

Wolfsong |New Friend|
[1]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green|Bullet; Orange|Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue|
Gotta give him props for maintaining so strong only to be placed in the Elder's den. Seriously Mallowstar do something about this! He deserves justice for his abuse and the role for his bravery!

Milkpaw |Little Furball|
[1]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green|Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue|
    - A kit I found lost in the forest. This..poor thing..even if he's a loner he's...! He was in such a bad condition.. Now he's all better and cLINGS ONTO ME. SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU GET HIM OFF. *sigh* He's on his own now, but he's! He's so reckless and naive I-I.. UGH NO ONE LAY A CLAW ON HIS CURLY FUR I SWEAR. I-I'm just looking out for him since he's new that's it! Not because he's actually really sweet and I want to protect him..

Stoatfang |Big Lug|
[1]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green|Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue|
    - Eh, he's alright. Apparently we have things in common. But he's a bit too serious, you're gonna get more wrinkles faster that way you lard!

Featherwing |Mentor, Role Model|
[~]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green|Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange|Bullet; Green|
To be honest I can't believe you came to comfort me. I thought I had finally lost it that day!..But thanks...youu lump of old fur! Now I can beat you in a spar anytime now haha!~ No but seriously um tahnk you for..for being there for me.

Burningclaw, Sweetsong, Flamingpelt |Family|
[~]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green|Bullet; Orange|Bullet; Purple|Bullet; Yellow|
They just by one like flies..!

Brightpaw |Best Sister Friend|
[~]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Green|Bullet; GreenBullet; Green|Bullet; Purple|Bullet; Yellow|
O-Oh Brightpaw..I see now it was my fault..If I didn't force you to go on that adventure with me then...I'M SO STUPID..!

Sun SunclanSun 
Silentsong |Annoying Tattletale|
[1]Bullet; WhiteBullet; Red|Bullet; Black|
Cursed nonclanner-! If you weren't a medicine cat I would have you run back to your abandoned home with your tail between your legs! What was Sunclan thinking..!
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Hopefully it doesn't get too stressful-
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AriaSnow Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*blushes* Th-thank you. I worked my butt off on this group and it's the first one I made that's actually blooming and turning out sucessful. I'm very proud of it and it's an idea I had since I started the new arc in warriors that follows BrambleSquirrel's kits.
DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016
Man I don't pay much attention to the books anymore since Bramblestar's Storm- |D
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But yeah I can see a lot of potential in this group :3
AriaSnow Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bramblestar's Storm was interesting since it introduced a new law to the code, but it wasn't as good as Moth Flight's Vision. We do have auditions going on for med. cat apprentices. And MoonClan is also in need of a Den-mother if you're interested.
DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016
I think I'll pass right now |D
I rather not have too many cats again like 50 cats and I need to take it slow to get back into rping :'3
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