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PKMN|The True Meaning of Words by DevilsRealm PKMN|The True Meaning of Words by DevilsRealm

    Symphony could only watch as the pokemon she has grown to care for, fall on the snow and stopped moving entirely.
    All she could remember was her weak smile before her savior collapsed, closing her eyes and hasn't reopened them since. Symphony's breathing stopped as she watched Ayano fall, her heart starts racing in fear and dread to seeing her beloved's body get dragged to a better spot for her to heal, to wake up. Symphony falls to the ground, tears already leaking down her round face since she took the hit.
    Ayano was in a coma, the other pokemon of Starflake Snowfields ranch said. And Symphony couldn't believe her ears.
    She shouldn't have come. She shouldn't have come to the ranch to give just a stupid stone it was all her fault Ayano was stuck in her state. If she hadn't been there, Ayano would have made it through the battle.
    If only she wasn't so weak.
    Symphony felt something warm touch her shoulder and a soft voice called out for her. She would have turned around if she wasn't so busy trying to hide her sniffling face.
    "I'm so sorry..." Felicity's voice spoke up in a comforting manner. "My son..Travis he..he went to far..and Ayano.." The Audino cross gazed over at Ayano's motionless body, her eyes squeezed shut tight, too painful for her to look at what her own flesh and blood have done. She looked over again at the smaller figure by her ranchmate's side, seeing so much pain and agony in the Eevee's eyes. "You must care for her a lot."
    Symphony sniffled, nodding her head weakly, her eyes never off of the Ninetails. "A-Ayano s-sh-she..she s-showed me something di-different..a-about myself a-and life." Symphony hiccuped, a fond smile graced her face. "W-When we first met, she was scary looking and big. And I'm a very small cross. I'm psychic, she's dark. I..I would have never thought opposites like us could be so..close." She took a breath in, and closed her eyes, remembering the fond encounters she had with Ayano.
    "She..she was different from everyone else in August. She looked distant but really she's nice and caring. She's not afraid to put herself in danger for others and is always watching over the one she loves....I..I really care about her. I'm so happy near her. I love talking with her it makes me feel like I'm going to evolve with her by my side alone!" The smile on Symphony's face started fading away, as a sad frown was replaced. "But she sacrificed her life for me. A-And..I don't e-even kn-know if s-she's ever g-going to w-wake up-p!" Symphony broke down into tears and sobs, her warm tears dripping down on the snow.
    "A-And-And it's al-l my fa-fa-fault-t-t!" The Eevee cries out. "Pl-Please..! P-Please he-help her! B-Bec-cause I-I..!" Her cries becomes harder, she hopes deep within her that her sobs can awaken the Ninetails, but they don't.
    "I-I lo-love-ve h-her..! I-I d-don't w-w-want her to-to b-be..!" Her sentence cut by another sob, too afraid to say the last word. She knows it's not possible in her condition. But she's afraid.


    Travis treads through the snow, the sun started rising from the horizon a while ago. He couldn’t go back, not after all he has done. To his friends, his family.
    To Ayano.
    He shuts his eyes, the scene of her protecting their guest kept replaying in his head, constantly reminding himself that he was the one to do that. He was the one that put her in deep sleep, and in front of the pokemon she most cared about as well.
    “Travis..” He froze, that voice..
    When the four-traited Umbreon turned around, his eyes widen and dread filled his heart when he saw his young brother staring at him with a forlorn expression. Juggernaut didn’t make himself present during the battle, but he arrived when the accident happen.
    At first Juggernaut thought it was just a friendly battle, a battle just to show off their skills and strengths. But, after the waves have died down, and the bodies recovered. It devastated him to figure out the true meaning behind the battle in Stardust Snowfields.
    His brother may have slipped away from his ranch, but not from Juggernaut.
    The two brothers stood across from each other in silence, Travis too shocked and afraid to move or speak as Juggernaut’s blue eyes pierced through him with that sad look. “That was really powerful, didn’t expect any less from you of course.” Juggernaut tried to lighten the tension, but failed. “ hurted some pokemon Travis, both physically and emotionally you know? You hurted mom, Kamui, Ayano, Symphony..” He paused and looked back up to Travis’ eyes noting how he flinched when their eyes met. “..even me..” He whispered so softly in the manner it hurted to hear from Juggernaut.
    A pang of guilt hits Travis. He hurted his brother. He hurted the one who was always there to support him and looked up to him in ways that helped Travis achieve his goals.
    And he hurted him.
    “You’re my role model you know?” Juggernaut spoke up, breaking Travis out of his thoughts. ”When I think of you I go, ‘Travis! Man he’s so cool! I want to be like him when I grow up!’” He paused, his head looking down at the ground and Travis felt his heart drop. “You’re still my role model..even though you did some bad things that might never be fixed..” He looked back up at the four-traited pokemon, his eyes glossy with tears threatening to leak down his eyes. “You’re still’re still the brother that I look up to, the brother who has made me laugh, encouraged, and gave me determination, but mostly” He breathed and Travis felt his chest stretch.

    “You’re still the brother I know and love.”
Words: 975

so continuation of this piece bc 
ayano's been ded for god knows how long [not really] and i remember making some quotes /and voicing them/ that were pretty heart-wrenching :3c

Travis gained lvs but he's running away from them. [Already lv 100]
Ayano gains 10 lvs [fb+sd+bg+800 words] [Reached lv 100!]
Symphony gains 10 lvs [fb+sd+bg+800 words] [Reached lv 100!]
Felicity gains 4 lvs [800 words]
Juggernaut gains 15 lvs [fb+ps+2sd+2bgs+800 words]

Art/Symphony+Juggernaut(c)DevilsRealm| Travis+Ayano+Felicity (c) Fimbulvetrstar
Fimblebee Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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