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PKMN| The Reunion and Lingering Hope by DevilsRealm PKMN| The Reunion and Lingering Hope by DevilsRealm

    "Come on mommy! Let's see the stars!" The young shiny pokemon jumped up with glee, urging the pokemon behind him to hurry. Symphony smiled fondly at her adopted son, padding up with her own pace towards the largely open field. The stars always shined the brightest in the southern part of the ranch, especially here in the Andromeda field. Looking up, Symphony gazed up at the sky that Nebulous Haven was named after. The purple hinted with pink colored the night sky, white dots that shimmer and sparkle scattered far and wide. And right beneath it all was Ayano, smiling with fondness at her.
    No, wait. Symphony blinked and shook her head, it wasn't her. In her heart she knew Ayano was still in Stardust Snowfields, but in her mind she was here, in the place of Mocha. It didn't help her case that her adopted son was almost identical to her beloved. Looking back was the little puppy pokemon, her boy, smiling at her with such innocence. 
    'It's been so long since...I hope she's still well, even if she hasn't woken up yet.' Symphony sadfully thought. Mocha saw the forlorn expression on his mother's face and grew concerned and started taking steps towards her.
    "Mommy? What's wrong? Come on, let's go see the stars.." Mocha urged, trying to get the other pokemon to smile. Realizing it wasn't doing anything, his ears dropped. "Are you thinking about her?" The one who made you sad? He said to himself.
    Symphony looked up and gave her best smile, trying not to worry her son. "It's..It's fine Mocha. Mommy's just thinking.." Mocha stared at her blankly, already knowing what was true. "C-Come on now, let's go-"
    Time froze for the both of them, Symphony's eyes widen to hearing the oh so familiar voice. Seeing his mother's expression, Mocha can already assume who the pokemon behind her was. His expression darkened as soon as Symphony whipped her head around to see the same pokemon that has saved her life many months ago.
    Ayano stood there, in the flesh and on her feet, in front of Symphony. Symphony didn't render in the questions that have been piling up in her head. Is it really you? Are you well? What happened?
    She didn't even take note of Ayano's new ghostly appearance. 
    They stared at each other at a respectful distance, Mocha was beginning to wonder when his mother will lash out at the bigger pokemon. After all, she left her all alone, she didn't deserve her kindness anymore after that. Mocha watched as his mother slowly and almost cautiously, walked up to the bigger pokemon. Dread filled the young pokemon's gut, as well as hatred. No! Don't go to her! She doesn't deserve your love! 
    When they were just a few inches apart, Symphony looked up at the ghostly pokemon with big eyes. "Are you really here?" It was almost like a whisper, so quiet and fragile that you can see the hope in those words.
    Ayano looked her in the eyes.
    "Yes, I am.."
    The smaller pokemon threw herself at the larger pokemon and nestled in her mane, tears flowing down from her eyes. Mocha watched, with jealous eyes as the other wrapped her arms around his mother, whispering words of reassurance to each other over and over again. He did nothing, for seeing his mother so happy. Nothing but let the fire within him rage on..
    "DEAR ARCEUS I DIDN'T EXPECT IT TO BE THIS COLD JUGGERNAUT!" Thatch exclaimed, wrapping his arms and wings around his ghost body to keep warm even if he was a fire type. Juggernaut looked over his shoulder and gave his friend a sheepishly smile. 
    "Sorry Thatch, but we're almost to the main area! Just a few more minutes!" Juggernaut reassured, pushing through the snow unlike the pokemon behind him who merely hovered over it.
    "I don't get it Juggernaut, what makes you think your brother came back?" Thatch questioned, shivering. "I mean, no offense or anything but it sounds like to me that this Travis guy's situation is much more severe than what I have done." Juggernaut didn't turn back to answer him but Thatch kept talking regardless. "But I mean, to be honest I would have done the same. You know, just leave and never come back. Probably lose who am I if you didn't give me a second chance."
    Juggernaut paused in realization. Travis didn't have anyone around him to give him a second chance like Juggernaut did to Thatch. After that whole event, Travis had no one on his side. He realized that maybe not even his little brother was on his side. Travis was all alone to face his own consequences. But Travis could never explain his emotions to anyone, not even to Juggernaut. So when no one would lend an ear, he vanished. 
    "Um, hello?" 
    A soft voice startled the both of them. Looking up to see a small bright-eyed Eevee staring at them. "Welcome to Stardust Snowfields! Is there something you're here for?" The small pokemon tilted her head with a smile. How cute.
    "Uh, yes. Is a pokemon named Travis here?" Juggernaut began asking, anxiety built up in him as the Eevee's smile faltered and her blue eyes simply stared at him. Did he say something wrong? "Y-You see h-he's- I wa-was wondering um-"
    "Do you know my dad?" She asked and Juggernaut connected the pieces together. Oh! They're were father and daughter. 'Travis has a kid? Well, I guess anything is possible since we did have Oasis for a short time period and she was Travis' girl too-' 
    "Ah! Yes he's my big bro! I-I was wondering if he came back yet since.." His long ears drooped, it didn't help when his niece's ears drooped along with his.
    "No..he hasn't..sorry uncle-?"
    "Juggernaut. But, really?" The Eevee nodded slightly with sad eyes. "Even after all this time, you're still gone.." He said to himself in a defeated tone and slide down to the snowy ground. He felt a hoof rub his back, giving Thatch an appreciated smile for the comfort. 
    "I'm sorry uncle Juggernaut, I wish he was home too." She said, looking off into the distant. "It seems like everyone is mad at him, some pokemon have already left this area."
    "They..left?" Juggernaut looked over at the other pokemon. "But why?"
    "It's in our blood. We're a part of a bloodline. And some of them didn't take kindly to that discovery."
    "Blood..line. B-But, there's nothing wrong with that! Even in our ranch we have multiple pokemon part of a bloodline as well!" Thatch nodded along to Juggernaut statement, muttering about having five or so pokemon in the ranch known to be a part of a famous bloodline.
    It didn't help lighten the mood for the young Eevee though. "Still, it doesn't change what has happened." Silence followed after that, as the stars washed over them.
    "Hey um-"
    "Wish. Do you still believe Travis will come back?"
    "Of course I do! I still have hope for him! Even if everyone else is against him, I'll be happy to know he came back safe and sound." Wish smiled sadly at the ground.
    "Me too Wish..Me too..I told your dad a while ago before he, disappeared, I told him that he's still my role model and still the same brother I know and love. And I know that those words stuck to him." Wish looked over at her uncle, hearing the lingering strands of hope in his voice. 
    "He has to come back, and like you said, even if the whole ranch hates him, I'll be happy to know he's safe and sound." 
    They sat there in silence for a while.
    "Travis will come back, I know he will. He's my brother after all and I still love him like I do.."

Words: 1311

a continuation of this :3c
not really an r just a reply to arch stories |D but kinda a rp-
but that parallelism though :3cccc

Ayano is too busy looking sauvy with her hair to gain lvs.
Wish gained 16 lvs! [partical shot*2 + shading*2 + bg*2 + 1000+ words]
Symphony is too shook to gain lvs.
Mocha gained 11 lvs! [partical shot + shading + bg + 1000+ words]
Juggernaut is sad to gain any lvs.
Thatch is actually being a good friend for him to gain any lvs.

Art/Symphony+Juggernaut+Mocha+Thatch (c) DevilsRealm| Ayano+Wish (c) Fimblebee
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