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PKMN| Show me the real you Pt 1 by DevilsRealm PKMN| Show me the real you Pt 1 by DevilsRealm

    Neptune perched on a rock in Oceanic Lake, letting the sun's hot rays hit against her cold body. Even with summer being harsh this year, apparently not even the cold water of Oceanic Lake could help cool off the rest of the residents. She heard that Arctic Descending, the territory for cold residents, weren't even fairing well either. However, Neptune found herself enjoying the nice sunbath that she could get as a Glaceon. With the plus side of the quietness of this area of the lake, and her icy body, it was just perfect. She rested her head on her paws, closing her eyes and sighed contently to herself.

    Her ears twitched though to hearing the disturbance of her peace nearby. It was a loud disturbance too.

   "Oh my! Is that darling Neptune?~" She recognized that voice, she knew clearly who it was yet she didn't turn her head to give that pokemon the satisfaction. "Oh Neptunee!~"

   "What." Her reply was cold and curt. Though many other pokemon would get offended by her tone, she doesn't mean it she swears, this pokemon already knew a bit of how she 'worked.'

   "Tsk tsk, no need to be so cold with me sweetheart~" Gatsby cooed, already so close to the edge of the lake where Neptune was closest to. Neptune sighed in frustration, already feeling her anger rise and her patience being tested.

   "Spit it out already Gatsby, what do you want?" She sighed.

   "You know me so well!" The rosey Buneary chimed, ignoring the little side remark of "Unfortunately." from the Glaceon. "I was wondering if you'd like-"

   "No thanks." Gatsby took a step back at being interrupted and frowned at the Glaceon's back.

   "You didn't even get to hear what I said! How rude!" Gatsby pouted and whined, stomping his little foot on the grass. Neptune finally lifted her head up and looked to her side, opening her mouth where ice crystals begin to form. "You always deny me even though you don't know what I have in pl-AAH!" The Buneary cross shrieked, jumping back in panic, just barely missing the Glaceon's Icy Wind. The ice particles made contact with the ground and froze a patch of grass. He stared at the ice patch with wide eyes, then back at Neptune before yelling. "What's your problem?!"

   "I don't have any, just some reminding some pokemon that no means no." Neptune scoffed, turning her head away from the angry Buneary cross.

   "Seriously? THAT'S your reason?!" Gatsby placed his hands on his hips. "Seriously your attitude is just the worse. Yes, no means no and you can deny my invitation, but you didn't hear out what I had to say! You're just being rude! Who has hurt you so badly to be like this?!" The lake was no longer peaceful, there was just screaming now.

   Neptune whipped her head around with an angry expression. "None of your business that's who! Just because you look pretty doesn't mean everyone will assume the best in you!" Gatsby stared at her, gave her that look of 'are you serious?'.

   "Is that your reason? I mean I'm flattered but really? You-" Gatsby started, paused, and shook his head in disappointment and disapproval. "You really are so low to think of us like that huh?"

   "You better leave now or else I won't miss this time." Neptune growled but Gatsby kept glaring at her.

   "You're sad Neptune. To assume one's personality on their appearance." That broke something inside Neptune, something snapped within her and she felt her anger let loose. The heat bubbled inside her chest and felt the similar feeling of her learning her recent move, only this time it felt like it was burning inside her and more of a free-flow.

   "I SAID LEAVE!" Neptune snapped, opening her mouth to shoot out a beam of steaming hot water at the grass-fusion Buneary/Furfrou. The Scald didn't hit him first, but then Neptune started stirring it towards him. Gatsby could feel the heat coming from the water and knew he had to spring into action to avoid getting burned. Before the water could hit him, quickly jumped backwards away from the lake and dodged the scalding water.

   "YOU'RE NO BETTER THAN THOSE POKEMON WHO START RUMORS!" Gatsby shouted from a distance, before hopping away. She scoffed, turning back to relax but his words have left and stayed in the the back of her head. She-She didn't want to assume, her insecurity may have played a part of her behavior, but-

    "Neptune!" A voice shouted out, snapping her back into reality. She looked behind her to find the pokemon in charge of Oceanic Lake swimming towards her, with an angry expression. Oh no. She sat up from her rock and tried to keep her expression straight, but it was hard since Siren was a bit intimidating. Siren stepped up to the rock, making Neptune back a bit.

    "I see you starting fights, again." The Zorua putting emphasize on the last word and Neptune flinched slightly to her tone. It's like a mother scolding her child.

    "I-" Neptune started, but was interrupted by Siren's booming voice.

    "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY EXCUSES!" Her voice echoed through the lake, gaining any attention from lingering residents. "Honestly, how many times do I have to tell you that the Oceanic Lake is not some sort of playground?! I leave and come back to you starting fights! What do you have to say for yourself?!" Neptune couldn't even defend herself, she refused to meet up with Siren's haunting gaze.

    Silence was between them and the pokemon in charged sighed. "This is your last warning. Get your anger in check or don't even think about stepping one foot into Oceanic Lake." She turned back, slipping back into the water. "Just stay in Arctic Descending if you're going to act like this. You know that territory allows fighting streaks. The lake has no tolerance to pokemon with your behavior." Siren stated before swimming away leaving Neptune alone to think about her actions.

    The scolding made her feel like she was a bad pokemon, but in her mind she's not! She just has- a bit of trouble getting along with other pokemon. But as Siren stated, this wasn't her first time causing an uproar at this part of the territory. No fighting was allowed here at Oceanic Lake, Neptune knew that but she still started on regardless.

   Feeling uneasy now with the unwanted attention, Neptune slipped off the rock and swam back to the ground, feeling restless now after her encounter with Gatsby. She was deep into her own thoughts she didn't notice a flock in the distance.
Words: 1114

:new:updated the starter with mroe words bc asdfghjklfds idk how to give moves through words
im starting another rp with kiananuva12 ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ tHOUGH THIS TOOK ME LIKE 4 DAYS IM SORRY
neptune is a cold one, literally who needs to stop being so judgemental on those pretty pokes-
a little exposition before the pokes interact?? <:3c just wanted to give some drama
if u see very closely to the sun those little v birds in the bg are Kiana's pokes ;3c

Neptune gained 11 lvs [fb+shading+bg+words] and learned Icy Wind and Scald!
Gatsby gained 11 lvs [fb+shading+bg+words]
Siren gained 5 lvs [words]

Art/Neptune+Gatsby (c) DevilsRealm
kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Oh ho ho, this is going to be fun CB Now, I gotta think of what to do with my part XD
Especially since this is my first time doing this 0w0
Neptune is going to be fun to interact with, I'll say that much ;3
Also, both her and Gatsby are so pretty +//3//+
DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Thank you <333 and thats fine! take your time bc i honestly had trouble trying to think of a good enough starter that doesnt JUMP right in
dude im going to be dropping down neptune feels deeper in the rp at one point ;3c
and yess they areee  <333 too bad neptune doesn't feel the same <:3c
kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Welcome >w< Hopefully I won't take too long...especially since I have an idea that works XD
Oh boy CB Than again, sure plenty of feels will be dragged around XD
Well, I at least think Gatsby is pretty UwU b And quite a cutie pie 8'3
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