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PKMN| I am not your Mother by DevilsRealm PKMN| I am not your Mother by DevilsRealm
 Ruthless thought in disbelief to those days ago where she- where her trainer made her breed with a pokemon, an outsider, a pokemon that wasn't Apocalypse. Ruthless immediately left the eggs in the care of the other ranch, not even taking one look back at them. Those weren't here. Those weren't her children!
  So what if Anna looked at her with a disappointing gaze? That meant nothing! The pokemon still hated her guts for caging her sister up for the longer of time. Though there have been attempts where it seemed like her trainer was trying to meet at a middle with her, her grudge for her actions were still strong within the Vulpix.
  That time when they switched bodies meant nothing to the Vulpix, even when her trainer tried so hard to reconcile with her with anyway. Even when she finally released her sister for her behalf. Even when she found out a fact about her eccentric trainer's past through the puddle. Things do not change, Ruthless can never forgive her trainer for accepting the breeding request between her and some lowlife.
  "Well, not like that matters to me anymore." Ruthless puffed, calming herself down. "None of those spawns are here anyways which eases my life. As long as Devastation and Apocalypse doesn't know.." Ruthless squinted her eyes at the mention of her own sister. Yes, even though those two had a very close bond together since her release, the two twins always fought over one thing: Apocalypse's affections.
    Apocalypse was, a strange pokemon to everyone else. But Ruthless and her sister saw something more to the Eevee/Lampent. Something so powerful and mysteriously ominous that drove the two ghost fusions to him. Ever since then it was a competition between two sisters. Ruthless felt her eye twitched remembering her sister's words to her to win the argument they had.
    'Why would he go for you, a double trait, and not me? A triple trait? Face it dear sister, we may be twins, but I will always be better than you.'
    She wouldn't let just mere traits stop her from being by Apocalypse's side! The mere image of her sister smirking boiled her blood. Ruthless realized where her anger was going to and forced herself to calm down. Her beloved little sister was not the main source of her anger. Nothing can ruin this afternoon.
  "M-Mother?" A soft voice spoke out, making Ruthless's pitch black eyes widen in horror. No, that voice can't be directed towards her. The ghostly Vulpix ignored the voice assuming that it wasn't directing to her. "Mother it's me! Y-You probably don't remember or know me, but I'm Nyx! Your daughter!" Hearing that word was like a chime, an annoying ring in her ears that was screaming out in denial.
  Without giving the other pokemon any response. Ruthless whipped back, her claws turning dark and growing long to attack the younger pokemon. Her Shadow Claw was only able to graze the cheek of the other pokemon. Ruthless clicked her tongue, irritated that she missed, but satisfied enough to see the mark of her attack and the fear in the other's eyes. 
  Ruthless snarled and her eyes glowing a dangerous cyan blue. In front of her was another Vulpix, dark fur like her and a ghost type with the addition of being a dark type with her claws and horns. If she didn't know best, Ruthless would have thought that this was her mirror, with mirror black eyes and black fur. But it wasn't, it wasn't her, and definitely wasn't her and Apocalypse's child. The other Vulpix stared up at Ruthless with shocked eyes and a bit of fear. "M-Mother-?"
  "SILENCE!" Ruthless roared, instantly silencing the younger Vulpix. "I am not your mother! And you are definitely not a child of mine!" She spat out the last word, enjoying how the Vulpix flinched. The uproar caught the attention of other pokemon within the vicinity, good thing her sister and her love weren't around, she didn't want them to overhear and realize that she had bred with another pokemon.
  "B-But-!" Nyx stuttered, cowering slightly under the harsh gaze that is her mother. Her eyes widened as she managed to avoid another swipe at her.
  "What part of silence do you not get?" Ruthless hissed out, every word from her mouth was seething with hatred. And Nyx couldn't help but wonder, why? What did she do wrong? Tears were on the rim of her eyes at the rejection of her own mother. Why does she have to be hated for being born? Ruthless's gaze narrowed on the brink-of-tears Vulpix and scoffed. "If you think your fake tears are going to work on me, you're mistaken. Leave, and I'll pretend this never happened. That I'll pretend I never knew you."
    Nyx stood up on her trembling legs, a mix of all emotions crashed within her. She was hurt. She was distraught. She was heartbroken. She was mad, she was angry.
    "HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!" The horned Vulpix roared, alerting and alarming everyone around the two Vulpixes. Hot tears streamed down the young Vulpix's face. "YOU REALLY DO LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME! I DID NOTHING TO YOU FOR YOU TO TREAT ME THIS WAY!" Nyx cried out.
    Ruthless's snarled and stomped right over in front of the crying Vulpix's face. "YOU DID WHEN YOU CAME TO THIS RANCH TO SEEK ME OUT!" She exclaimed, her eyes glowing brighter corresponding with her rising anger. Ruthless towered over the younger Vulpix, her gasly tails more spread out and giving the ghost fusion Vulpix an intimidating appearance. "Your mere existence and birth is the reason why I'm lashing out at you. You should have never been born." Ruthless spat out with distaste, enjoying the frustrated expression on her 'daughter's' face fall.
    They stared at each other for a while, but a message was clear between them.
    "Leave." Ruthless said, breaking the silence. "And never come back to me. I will never be your mother, and you will never be my daughter."
    No one said anything when the outside Vulpix ran out of the Nebulous Haven crying.

Words: 1025 = 5 lvs 

character and family plot with this beautiful pic in mind
ohohoho this is only part 1 (from me) yall >:3c there is more to comeee
but for now i'mma work on refs =w=/ both mine and for friends <3

Nyx gained 10 lvs! [partial+shading+bg+words] and learned Roar!
Ruthless gained 10 lvs and reaching Lv 100! [partial+shading+bg+words] and learned Shadow Claw!
Azalea gained 2 lvs and reaching Lv 100! [gift lvs]

Art/Writing/Ruthless (c) Devilsrealm | Nyx (c) MercenaryBlood 
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LunaraTDQ Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
POOR NYX! Ruthless and Bast need to get together and form a stucktastic moms club.
DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017
I think you mean Ruthless XD
But oh yeah def
ruthless is a temporary member though ;3c
LunaraTDQ Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
And Nyx and Boreal Ember can form a Precious Cinnamon Roll club XD

Come innocent darlings, let us hug you.
DDRanch Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah the drama!!

Poor Nyx ;w;
DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017
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MercenaryBlood Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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rip her </33333333 things do get better though! QwQ/ i swear
splendidcitrus Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
they heckin better >:00 and i await more eagerly
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