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Mine| Usagi Francois-Ruto by DevilsRealm Mine| Usagi Francois-Ruto by DevilsRealm
am I gonna start doing personal stuff now?
hell ye until pkmn reopens and when i find the motivation in wyngro not saying i dont have any just that this motivation is stronger than wyngro motivation
also been a while since I have drawn humans :3c and I sTRUGGLED with the nose-
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General Info
Name: Usagi Francois-Ruto
Age: 15 years old
D.O.B: August 31st
Sex | Gender: Female | Cis
Nationality: French 50% + Japanese 50%
Sexual Orientation| Romantic Orientation: Asexual | Panromantic

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    Usagi is a quiet and shy individual who lacks people skills since she was so sheltered in her home. She lived a lonely life growing up, only having her pet cat and her butler around for most of her childhood. She is a kind soul and very open-minded to everyone's thoughts and opinions, however given with her background and status many people brush that away and think of her as some rich snob.
    She values every relationship she has gotten, especially the friendships she has made. Usagi gets attached fairly quick the more kind acts she receives to the point she would sacrifice herself for her friends' safety. Usagi, if determined enough, will persevere on an activity that she fails horribly many times in order to get it right. Other than that, she's a bit of a klutz. 
    Since she was so sheltered her entire life, Usagi is an adventure nut full of curiosity. Loving to experience something that sounds fun in theory as long as she can make good memories of it with her friends. 

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[Matthias | Father]
    - She loves her father even when she was younger. Their relationship is a healthy bond between father and daughter and Usagi always cherishes the moments when her father manages to come back home for a short while before going on more business travel days. Her father seems to be very protective of her enough to keep her from socializing from the outside world.

[Yui | Mother]
    - Usagi loves her mother, to some extent. As caring and loving as her mother can be, she is a bit strict on old traditions of her Japanese heritage. Her mother was the one to start dressing her up in Lolita clothing, which is the cause of her main style of clothes. She does fear her mother a bit, her rage and disappointment was something Usagi never wanted. 

[Pierre | Butler]
    - Usagi loves Pierre like a grandfather. He was her primary caretaker for most of her childhood and growing up. They're close and Usagi thinks fondly of the old man like he was actually family. Though he was the one to persuade her father to go to a public school, he is still insistent of being around her, worried for her safety.

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Fun Facts:
  • Was a Persona 4 oc a couple of years ago with friends =v=
    • Her Arcana would be The Empress (apparently)
  • She has a pet cat named Cheshire
    • Is a black cat; Usagi adopted him bc no one would adopt him bc of superstition and she felt like she connected with him 
  • She is very short; without heels she is 4'10
    • With heels she gets up to a max of 5'0
  • Has a lot of Lolita clothing; but can dress casually
  • Her family's rich which Usagi wishes she never was upper-class
    • They currently live somewhere in Japan though
  • Is tri-lingual: English, French, and Japanese 
  • Her father is French, her mother is Japanese
    • Father owns a business and is often away from home to work
    • Mother is a hostess who often comes home late
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