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Mine| The Sons Of Mist by DevilsRealm Mine| The Sons Of Mist by DevilsRealm
when mistclan children rivals the amount of my tornadoclan children-
called sons of mist bc mostly all my young cats of MC were biologically male UwU/

Chubby baby grew all round and short but still loves everyone and is friendly. Named after his mother Violetcloud and his soft nature. He's sensitive to the scar on his belly from being captured by two-legs but he makes it out in the night alright because he got his bf Bee with him now c:

Grumpy child grew taller and more fierce. Knowing that their family is very little they tries their best to protect them. Osprey's known to be one of the best fighters in the clan and has the most blunt and brash way of handling a situation. They are now extremely protective of their family, even their nephews Sparrow, Pouring, and Rock as well as their distant brother Black who Osprey is not afraid to smack the sense back into him for going all rogue. kylo ren

Fangkit->Fangheart [i cry bc i never want this boi to grow up]
A BABY THAT GREW UP TO BE A HERO. Fang proves himself to be one of the most stupidly courageous warriors in the clan. Though nothing much has changed about him, he still acts like a child and likes to bring happiness to everyone he enjoys being around. He claims to have gotten over his obsession with chewing on his siblings' tails and ears, but they know he's lying.  

ANOTHER BABY THAT GREW UP. But unlike Fang, Blueberry is more of an anti-hero. He works really well with other cats, but still manages to miss an entrance every now and again. Still as silent as ever but very vicious when battling or on a task. He gets into many more fights and often gets a lot of scars and injuries because of that. His close siblings worry for him but because he loves them so much he reassures them that he's fine. (Speaks to them too thats how much he loves them!!!) But honestly this boy loves getting into fights and always has a smug expression when its assumed its the other cat that started it. 

Three brothers in one body eventually all figured each other out. It was hard and complicated at first but they got the handle of things and are happy to have more brothers and each other forever now. Sparrow's body has become more built thanks to Rock and also got a scar THANKS TO ROCK. Osprey got so mad at the other cat while Rock took massive pride in it. Pouring didn't like the idea of being a warrior with his other brothers and wanted to pursue the life of a medicine cat to get closer to Starclan. Somehow something was arranged for that to happen where Pouring was a temporary medicine cat when he was present. All three brothers are very happy even when they have a few disagreements. 

Rolling-> Rollingocean
Has come back to his home clan and is very shocked to see so much he had missed and changed. Despite being a grown ass cat, he was placed as an apprentice for a while before he ranked up. He's very proud of Mistysea for being deputy and very happy to be uncle of many wonderful nieces and nephews. He still has a horrible sense of direction, once had a patrol set up to find him when he was chasing after a squirrel. But he loves being back in his clan because of his family. Named after his mother Oceangaze. 
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Boi if wave could see and bOI THEY ARE SO CUTE LIKE U
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