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Mine| The Passion of Tornado by DevilsRealm Mine| The Passion of Tornado by DevilsRealm
I was actually in the mood to draw grown up versions of my young TSC cats back in those days-
These babies in this clan were my favorites they had the most shit drama that I enjoyed/loathed/reminiscence
I... just need... clawclan next... before I start working on some of the adults ;;;;;<;;;;;;;
This is also which it is revealed to how much of a kid hoarder Eagle is becoming bc Eagle is the best dad of TC

Runningpaw => Runningsoul
He was getting more and more reckless and Rosefall eventually actually adopted him to counteract her sister-in-law's negligent behavior. Rosefall was able to get him straight surprisingly and was finally able to work up his way to being a warrior without daily visits to the medicine den. He became an excellent warrior, more on the fighting side such that he lost an eye in one brawl. Rose and Eagle were not happy. He actually personally requested his warrior name be after his uncle Shroudedsoul and he has a goal of one day meeting up with the said cat.
Running actually got along with his biological cousins/adopted siblings and was very protective of them (especially Lime) as well as to Rose.

Hemlockpaw => Hemlocktail
Eagle adopted him since Hemlock is one of his apprentice's kits and though Hemlock wasn't really warm to Eagle in the beginning or his other adopted siblings, he did eventually warm up and fix his sleeping habits. He became a sassy smartass warrior. Though he's not good with like any actual warrior things, he knows a lot of the land and territory and the behaviors of their prey. 

Mushroomkit => Mushroomheart
Eagerly growing up with her sister, Mushroom was eventually ranked warrior. She remained the same kind-hearted and encouraging cat that everyone knew. She is protective of Mint, her childhood sweetheart, such so she once got a scar from a little scuffle. Mushroom laughs it off and boasts about her scar meanwhile Mint worries and sighs. 

Limekit => Limeblaze
Slowly growing up, Lime felt out of place being called a tom. Eventually she spoke up about it with her family and hesitantly confessed to being more of a she-cat. Lime was encouraged and embraced with open arms and finally Lime can be herself without hiding. Lime grew to be an excellent warrior, being named for the blazing fire in her eyes and also after her uncle, Limefire. Lime is still close to her siblings, often scolding Running or encouraging Mushroom.

Honeykit => Honeygaze
As a warrior, she excelled well in hunting and for sighting the prey and locking on in her gaze, hence the name. She ended up getting a reputation in camp, known to be quite devious and a deceiver. She looks sweet as honey, but has a bite to her. She is borderline sweet and crazy, but she always brushes if off as her way of love.

Muddy => Risinglight
Broken relief of finally reuniting with her brothers, but also horrified to see Crimson's appearance, Muddy vowed to never leave their side and joined TC. Since Crimson is Eagle's adopted son, Eagle also adopted Muddy much to her surprise. When she was first getting her apprentice name, she was angry why Eagle wouldn't name her Muddypaw as she so thought she deserved. But Eagle countered that Muddy died as soon as she stepped in TC, and became a she-cat rising past the muck and grime to her true goal. With that said, and with all the training and relationships, Rising was able to finally be herself again without all the doubt and worry. She became a warrior shortly after and yes, she cried and tackled Eagle with her given warrior name.
snowiinq Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
eagle is best dad of tc confirmed
XxQueenofChaosxX Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Look at this qts ;;w;;
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