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Mine| The Greytone of Claw by DevilsRealm Mine| The Greytone of Claw by DevilsRealm
all my CC bbies were like greyscale colors |D
and shshshs i know earth already has his full name but his story didnt end right then and there ;3c
its 2 am and im tired

Whitestrike's reincarnation
He eventually regains his memories after given a second chance of being in cc once more, only this time being a bit more open than his previous life. Nothing really changed besides his relationship with the leader since he remembered her from his previous life. He became more of a Storm than he was a Strike, and he preferred that. It’s nice to be back again.

After his family dying, Earth was devastated and it didn’t help with the Dark Forest cat that haunts him constantly to to point of his mind breaking. He was found one day in the medicine den speaking gibberish from the trauma of Brokenthorn and heartbreak of his family dying to the point he was deemed unsuitable to be the medicine cat and forced into the retirement. Though not as bewildered as before and more mellowed down, a part of Earth was lost that day. Sometimes you can catch him staring blankly at the night sky where the stars aren't shining. The Anemone flower on a darker note indicates fading hope and a feeling of having been forsaken. On a positive note it symbolizes anticipation. Somewhere in him, he knows in another realm he’s happier.

Apprenticeship was hard for Egg, she had a crush on her best friend Arctic, who she found out was having a forbidden relationship with another cat. After that discovery, the two went into an argument, Egg was jealous, she was upset, she was sad, she was heartbroken. But then Frost came out that really drove the nail between their friendship and the two fell out. Egg avoided Arctic throughout all their apprenticeship, it pained her, she missed her tremendously, but she believed that Arctic didn't like her anymore to be her friend since she wouldn't go to her. Egg tries to ignore Arctic leaving to meet up with that tom, she could have told on her, but Egg didn't have the heart to. She still loved her...
Making it to her warrior ceremony was a long ride, but she did it as Eggflight. Even Arctic became a warrior, but they didn't congratulate each other.
Then Egg noticed, Arctic... she wasn't herself, she was more sad, more empty. Was something wrong? It took all of Egg's courage to go up to her long time crush and ex-best friend and talk to her. Egg got the full story from her point of view and everything that happened in the past was long forgotten. Egg stayed by sad Arctic's side, talking to her even if she wasn't responding back like they did as apprentices. Eventually Arctic was herself again, and the two became a long awaited couple. Egg loves Arctic so much she likes to show her off 'you see this she-cat right here??? SHE'S MY AMAZING AND CUTE MATE!! IM SO BLESSED'

As an apprentice he encountered a bear trap where his tail got caught in it. Hence, the short stub tail. He is known to be everyone cat's big brother, he's such a hoarder and takes so many cats under his wing. His dad, Thrush, is always so done with him because he was always coming back with scars from protecting other cats from attacks. He avoids aLL romance and sexual advances towards him and just becomes a well-known warrior who is willing to mentor multiple apprentices at once. 
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