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Mine| Raccoonheart Ref by DevilsRealm Mine| Raccoonheart Ref by DevilsRealm
i'm actually thinking about making a some sort of story/comic with my warrior ocs thats not going to be warrior related at all-
kinda just want to incorporate some old 2014 characters from the Good Old Days of Ask Accounts TM
also never really went into depth with each character [stupid middle school me] bUT I GUESS nOW'S The tiME

also if any old friends of the ask account past have any of their warrior ocs that were friends with mine you can ask and i'll put them down in their information :0

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General Info
Name: Raccoonheart
    Past names: Rascal, Raccoonpaw
Age: 36 moons (~20 years old Human)
Sex | Gender: Male | Cis
Clan | Rank : Thunderclan | Warrior
Sexual Orientation| Romantic Orientation: Asexual | Aromantic

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Zeal- [Father] Ivory [Mother]
                         ??? [Unborn siblings]
                        | Flamepaw [Younger Brother]
                        | ??? [Unborn younger sibling]

Ivypond- [Foster Mother] + Breezestorm [Adopted Step-Father]
    | Elkpaw [Foster Brother]

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Rascal was the only healthy kit in his litter, his stillborn siblings never made it. He was raised by his mother, Ivory, never knowing who his father was or what he looks like always made him have something against the tom not being there. Regardless he lived a happy life with his mother and was very close to her.

After a couple of moons, Ivory once announced that she was expecting his father's kits. Which, it made Rascal confused and suspious. He tried asking for him, but Ivory always replied back that he couldn't come back. Rascal doesn't understand how his mother was still loyal and in love with this deadbeat and pities her and ends up hating his dad even further.

Eventually the kits were born, but history repeated and only one kit survived this litter, except this time his little brother, Firebug, was born weak and so sick. Rascal tried his best to nurse him back to health but to no avail, the nights got worse and worse and Rascal grows upset to be losing his baby brother so fast. But then Firebug got better the next night, and then the next and so on. Soon the kit was able to crawl towards them. Rascal doesn't know nor does he care, he has a little brother to take care of and love.

Finally Firebug was able to walk by himself, prompting Ivory to take her sons on a little hunting trip. But there were hunting dogs around that smelt them so in order to keep her children safe, Ivory hid them in a tree and ran to distract the dogs. When all barking ceased, the brothers snuck out to find their mother, only to find in a couple of feet away from them Ivory's mangled corpse. He left with Firebug quickly, not before promising to avenge his mother one day.

Eventually after a few moons, they were found by a group cats. Though he was very hostile towards them, there was one she-cat that stood out the most to them, Ivypond who had a striking resemblance to their mother. They were brought into the clan and Ivypond offered to take them under her wing, to which Firebug (renamed later as Flamekit) immediately latched himself to her and made friends with one of her kits, Elk-kit. Rascal (later renamed Raccoonpaw) was a bit wary. 

He had some rough encounters with most of his clan-mates, but he has made a few friends his age. Raccoonpaw grew closer to Ivypond and started seeing her as a mother more than as a mentor. 

Ivypond was unconscious for a couple of moons, not waking up which caused Raccoonpaw's unhealthy behavior of not sleeping and pushing others away. He became protective of her, even guarding over her sleeping body in the medicine den. Most of the time he was sad, feeling useless and frustrated about not being able to wake Ivypond up. He was very relieved when she woke up and their bond deepened. 

Ivypond revealed to him and his siblings that she has been seeing a Windclan tom by the name Breezestorm. Raccoonpaw was not happy about this, mainly for the reason that Ivypond was risking herself for love. But she was happy so Raccoonpaw agreed to not tell. He didn't approve of Breezestorm with his mother, still didn't when he requested to change clans to be with her. Admirable, but still not as fond of him.

Another event happened when Ivypond was taken away from the clan by surprised. After many attempts and patrols and coming back empty-handed, Raccoonpaw was restless, he was more aggrivated, he was more irritated with himself that he didn't do anything again. Ivypond was eventually found and brought back, he didn't ask for the details, he was just happy she was home again.

A few moons later, Raccoonpaw was finally ranked up as a warrior, Raccoonheart. His siblings also ranked up, Flamekit chosen to train as a medicine cat became a medicine cat apprentice, Flamepaw. Elk-kit became Elkpaw, under the apprenticeship of the deputy. Though more busy with warrior duties, he's happy to be able to hunt with his mom and visit his brothers whenever he can.
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General: A stern and rather focus driven tom. It alway seems like he has a frown on his face or that he's very determined. Sometimes even getting into arguments and baring his fangs to anyone that rubs him the wrong way. Looks like someone who would follow the rules to the end of the world. He is known to hold a grudge on a lot of cats, probably going to take those grudges to his grave. His fiery attitude and stubbornness matches well with his eyes.
To strangers: He is very cautious around them, and rather hostile to them.
To acquaintances: Very formal around them and even a bit awkward sometimes.
To friends: Loyal to his friends and loves to banter with them. He cherishes his friends immensely.
To family:  Loves his family more than anything in the world. He is very affectionate and very protective of them in a way if you even so mutter a bad word he'll be there. His family is his top priority which gives an idea on how much he loves and cares for them
To crushes/lovers: None, is too oblivious/Not interested
To enemies: Super hostile to them. Raccoon is super aggressive with them, not taking any shits from them. It's easy to get on his enemy list, hard to get off. 

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Ivory | Late Mom  
    - Raccoon loved his mother from the time he was young and she was alive. He was close with her being the only kit from her first litter. He showed immense grief to her death. 

Zeal | Deadbeat Dad
    - He wouldn't even know that he existed had it not been for his mother's stories. Raccoon hates his father, mostly because he was never there to begin with. Even with the reassurance from his mother and the birth of his younger brother, Raccoon harbors hostile feelings for the unknown tom for not being there for his family. 

Flamepaw | Younger Brother
    - Raccoon's younger brother and is very protective over as he is what remains of his small family. Raccoon loves his brother immensely and is a huge sucker for his brother's well-being and feelings. 

Ivypond | Foster Mother+Role Model
    - At first, Raccoon was skeptical of being taken in by the she-cat, even with the uncanny and close resemblance of his late mother. But after some time Raccoon has come to love her just like his late mother, though not completely a replacement for his dead mom, but someone close. He has a lot of respect for her and is just as protective of her as she is of him. Some can say he is a momma's boy. 

Elkpaw | Foster Brother
    - Raccoon likes Elk and has no problems with him nor any awkwardness between the two. Even though he's not Raccoon's biological brother, Raccoon still treats him like one and as a clanmate. They both have a mutual respect for each other for protecting Flame.

Breezestorm | Ugh step-dad
    - Raccoon really doesn't like his new step-'father' if you can call it that. He's more blunt with him and clearly shows he doesn't like him. As much as he would love to say some things on his mind, he keeps quiet because Breeze makes his mom smile. He can stay... for now...

**More will be added once characters added**

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Fun Facts:
  • Was actually an adoptable warriors back from my Ask-Ivy-Pool days along with Flame
  • Had longer hair, than chopped it off
  • He had some sort of one-sided female fanclub
  • Stated once his favorite prey was rodents
  • Hates dogs
  • His redesign had stripes in an attempt to make him look related to Flame, but was later scrapped for reasons
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