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Mine| Flamepaw Ref by DevilsRealm Mine| Flamepaw Ref by DevilsRealm

also if any old friends of the ask account past have any of their warrior ocs that were friends with mine you can ask and i'll put them down in their information :0

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General Info
Name: Flamepaw
    Past names: Firebug, Flamekit
Age: 24 moons (~13 years old Human)
Sex | Gender: Male | Cis
Clan | Rank : Thunderclan | Med. Apprentice
Sexual Orientation| Romantic Orientation: Asexual | Panromantic

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Zeal- [Father] + Ivory [Mother]
                         | ??? [Unborn younger siblings]
                         | Raccoonheart [Older Brother]
                         | ??? [Unborn sibling]

Ivypond [Foster Mother] + Breezestorm [Adopted Step-Father]
    | Elkpaw [Foster Brother]

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He was born in a second litter of Zeal and Ivory, only missing his father and having still-born siblings except for his older brother. Given the affectionate name Firebug, he came into the world already loving his mom and brother. Unfortunately he was a very sick kit at birth, not being able to get a meow out and constantly shivering. His health declined every moon and wasn't getting better despite the best efforts of his mom and older brother. One night an unknown tom approached the den without waking up his mom and brother and gave him something bitter. The deep voice told him eating it would make him feel better, Firebug didn't know who this tom was, but something in the little kit trusted this stranger. By morning he showed bits of feeling better and his family was elated. The nightly visits from the helpful visitor giving him the bitter pulp made him better each day. Firebug was finally better and good enough to be able to walk and run, he wanted to thank the mysterious visitor by that night and stayed up for him. But he never came back.

Finally Firebug was able to walk by himself, prompting Ivory to take her sons on a little hunting trip. But there were hunting dogs around that smelt them so in order to keep her children safe, Ivory hid them in a tree and ran to distract the dogs. When all barking ceased, the brothers snuck out to find their mother, only to find in a couple of feet away from them Ivory's mangled corpse. Though Rascal tried to shield his eyes from seeing the mangled body, Firebug was able to get a glimpse and he was traumatized. Rascal carried him away from the scene, going deeper into the forest...

Eventually after a few moons, they were found by a group cats. Firebug hid behind Rascal when the older cats kept trying to approach them. His thoughts were swimming, but his eyes pinned on one she-cat who had a striking resemblance of his mom. He approached her with big eyes of hope, a small 'masha?' towards the she-cat. They were taken into Thunderclan with new names: Raccoonpaw and Flamekit, and Ivypond offered to take them in to which Flamekit, still seeing Ivypond as Ivory, immediately accepts her as his mom. Though shy at first to any older cats trying to be friendly with him, he took an immediate liking to Elk-kit. Flamekit kept talking to him about everything. Eventually Elk-kit loosened up and accepted his adopted brother's presence and started bonding with him. The two kits, despite their personality differences, became best friends. Flamekit became more opening to other cats, the past trauma almost completely gone.

Ivypond suddenly fainted and didn't wake up which distressed the kit immensely. He was the most torn out of his siblings and flashes of seeing Ivypond's limp body and Ivory's lifeless one caused further distress and crying from him. He curled up to Ivypond, talking to her hoping that she would wake up. He had the most hope, not giving up that she would wake up one day. Ivypond eventually regained consciousness, and Flamekit was elated and overjoyed to seeing her awake once more.

When Ivypond revealed to her boys about her secret relationship with a Windclan tom, Breezestorm, Flamekit was happy for her and excited to see him one day. Unlike his other brothers, Flamekit was fond of him despite not knowing him or what he has unintentionally done to his mom. He was glad that the tom came to Thunderclan and stayed with them.

Ivypond was taken from the nursery and Flamekit and him were given temporary Queens to take care of them until Ivypond came home. Though Elk-kit seemingly was more calm compared to his brothers, Flamekit was a mess. He was silent, he was tired. This unusual behavior caused many concerns from the Queen in charge of him that he was sent to the medicine den where the medicine cat tried to talk to him. Though he refused to talk, eventually everyone's caring words got to him and he broke free from his blank state. He stayed in the medicine den for the remaining time and showed interest in the herbs. When it was announced that Ivypond was found, Flamekit was the first one to rush to her with his siblings following behind.

Finally after a couple of moons, Flamekit, Elk-kit, and Raccoonpaw ranked up. Raccoonpaw became Raccoonheart, Elk-kit became Elkpaw. Flamekit was taken by surprise when the medicine cat took him in as an apprentice and Flamepaw was joyful! He is a bit more sad that he no longer is with his mom or Elkpaw, he always lights up when one of his family members comes to visit him.
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General: An innocent lovable small tom. Looking at him, him being Raccoon's brother is highly unlikely. He's a pretty sociable cat and always wanting to help other cats. His emotions are what mostly drives him to be who he is, and luckily he's almost always happy everyday. Flame's a very cute tom and is still very childish regardless of his age.
To strangers: Flame's a little shy around strangers and often resorts to hiding behind the closest friend. He has a good sense of who's good/bad.
To acquaintances: Still a little shy around them, but is a bit more friendly and open to them.
To friends: He cherishes them so much, and he's just so happy around them and enjoys their company.
To family:  Loves his family more than anything in the world. He is very affectionate with them and tends to go for them for emotional support. His emotions are dependant on the presence of his family. 
To crushes/lovers: Mostly too oblivious and doesn't understand feelings. Is a bit nervous and really enjoys someone's company.
To enemies: Scared as all hell of them and clearly doesn't like them and refuses to be near them.

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Ivory | Late Mom  
    - Flame didn't know her for that long, but he definetly loved her and was distraught about her death. 

Zeal | Unknown Father
    - Never even saw him as a kit, but was told by his mother that Flame has his colors. Though he has never seen what his dad looks like, he can't wait to one day find him!

Raccoonheart | Older Brother+Role Model
    - They have a very close and tight bond with each other after the event of their birth mother being killed. Flame loves his brother and looks up to him to the extreme. He's always there to make Raccoon feel better and lighten his day. He wants to be just like him one day, even though their ranks are completely different.

Ivypond | Foster Mother+Hero Figure
    - Almost immediantly, Flame latched himself to the she-cat and branded her as his 'masha'. Probably because at that age he saw her almost immediantly as Ivory. Flame loves Ivypond immensly, just as much as his late mom. He clings to her and often sticks to her at all times, or whenever he can. He sees her as some sort of heroic figure.

Elkpaw | Foster Brother+Best Friend
    - Flame was raised with Elk so they got to know each other and got along. Though their conversations were often one-sided, it didn't bother Flame much since he liked Elk. The two are best friends and rather close. He is aware that Elk isn't his actual brother, but that doesn't change his thoughts and feelings on him.

Breezestorm | Step-Fasha
    - Flame actually likes Breeze. He's the only son that has a good relationship with the tom. He's the closest father figure than his actual father is.

**More will be added once characters added**

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Fun Facts:
  • Was actually an adoptable warriors back from my Ask-Ivy-Pool days along with Raccoon
  • Shows all three stripes on his head regardless of bangs
  • Still calls Ivypond 'masha' and Raccoonheart 'brasha'
  • His redesign had some extra added features because I thought his design was too simple, but was later scrapped for reasons
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