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Mine| Elkpaw Ref by DevilsRealm Mine| Elkpaw Ref by DevilsRealm
a crack bby that became canon and i love-

also if any old friends of the ask account past have any of their warrior ocs that were friends with mine you can ask and i'll put them down in their information :0

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General Info
Name: Elkpaw
    Past names: Elk-kit
Age: 24 moons (~13 years old Human)
Sex | Gender: Male | Cis
Clan | Rank : Thunderclan | Apprentice
Sexual Orientation| Romantic Orientation: Demisexual | Demiromantic

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Dewystripes- [Father] + Ivypond [Mother] + Breezestorm [Step-Father]
     |      | Raccoonheart [Foster older Brother]
                                   |      | Flamepaw [Foster younger Brother]
                                    | Dewkit [Sister]

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Elk-kit was born in an accidental litter, with his sister Dewkit, between Dewystripes and Ivypond after a night of catnip. Still though Ivypond loved them both regardless if it wasn't planned. Elk-kit was very quiet, not speaking a lot compared to his overzealous sister and didn't make as much friends. He was rather anti-social to the other kits but loved his family. However one day Dewystripes took Dewkit and vanished. Something broke inside him when his sister and father was gone, but it will never match up to his heart breaking to his mother crying of losing one of her best friends and her own daughter. Elk-kit became more emotionless from then on. Ivypond tried to brightened his mood, and it was nice to know she still cared and knew what he was thinking and feeling, but Elk-kit was so nonfunctional that the leader decided that he be kept back from ranking up.

One day, Ivypond came back with a kit and an apprentice-aged kit. When Ivypond offered to take them in, Elk-kit frowned at the idea, but seeing them and Flamekit latch onto her like he was going to lose her again, made him think. Flamekit often talked to Elk-kit a lot, and he ignored him most of the time but Flamekit kept talking to him about everything. Eventually Elk-kit loosened up and accepted his adopted brother's presence and started bonding with him. The two kits, despite their personality differences, became best friends. Elk-kit felt something forming when he was around Flamekit, it was small, and Elk-kit didn't take to mind.

Ivypond fell into a big sleep, instantly silently distressing him, but it got more worse when Flamekit showed more distress than he was. It felt wrong, to see happy chipper Flamekit crying, sobbing, begging his masha to not leave again. He stayed with his family by Ivypond's body, mostly comforting Flamekit and talking to Raccoonpaw to calm him down. The more days that passed that she didn't awaken, the calm demeanor that Elk-kit had started disintegrating, often nudging Ivypond to wake up and those nudge gradually became more rougher. Ivypond eventually woken up, and Elk-kit was relieved to not lose another family, physically and emotionally.

When Ivypond revealed to her boys about her secret relationship with a Windclan tom, Breezestorm, Elk-kit was skeptical about this tom. Though he was not a Dewystripes, Elk-kit silently feared that he would take away Ivypond like Dewystripes took Dewkit away. Though when the tom requested to join Thunderclan, his worries were put to rest, slightly.

Ivypond was taken from the nursery and Flamekit and him were given temporary Queens to take care of them until Ivypond came home. Though Elk-kit seemingly was more calm compared to his brothers, he was very worried for the mental and emotional health of them, especially Flamekit, who broke and shattered into someone emotionless and tired. It was like staring into a past reflection of himself, only more wrong. Flamekit was sent to the medicine den and Elk-kit desperately tried to follow, but they wouldn't allow him to leave. He became restless and fretted over his family. Eventually Ivypond was found and brought home and Elk-kit swore to himself that he would protect of their little family as much as possible.

The day came where him and his brothers ranked up. Raccoonpaw became a warrior, Raccoonheart. Elk-kit was shocked that the leader gave him the deputy as his mentor and became Elkpaw. And he was happy that Flamekit was taken under the medicine cat's wings and became Flamepaw because he didn't want to see the sweet apprentice witness war at all. Though slightly sad that he won't see or talk with Flamepaw as much as they were kits, he cherished every moment with him. 
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General: A very stotic tom with a nonexpressive face. 
To strangers: Does not talk to them at all, at most ignores them.
To acquaintances: Very awkward around them and often creates the smallest of small talk.
To friends: He's a bit more open and more blunt in a friendly way. Not much has changed except his defenses are lowered.
To family:  Cherishes his family and holds them closer than he would to other cats. He subtly cares for them and prefers to be around them more than he wants to be around other clanmates.
To crushes/lovers: Mostly daydreaming about them, often lost in thought and not paying attention. He is very subtle about his feelings around them.
To enemies: Gives them the cold shoulders and a harder RBF than usual. He doesn't like them at all and refuses to be near them.

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Ivypond | Mother 
    - His biological mother. Though it doesn't seem like it, Elk cares for her as she took care of him for the rest of his kithood and comforted him when his littermate disappeared. Though he is somewhat distant from her, every so often he'll hang around her.

Dewystripes | Irresponisble Father(?)
    - Never really saw her as a parental figure since his birth just, happened. Before things started going south, Elk did enjoy being around Dewystripes. He's almost not so fond of his father anymore for just, dumping him and his sister off with Ivypond and only really coming back to claim Dewkit. He doesn't talk much anymore about her since her disappearance.

Dewkit | Sister
    - Was never really close to her since she was whisked away with Dewystripe most of the time. But still felt some sort of connection with her, proof of that being his unusual behavior/method of sulking when she disappeared with Dewystripes.

Raccoonheart | Foster Older Brother
    - Elk is on good terms with Raccoon and respects him. Though he isn't as open to him as he is to Flame, Elk still enjoys his company to some extent. They both have a mutual respect for each other on protecting Flame.

Flamepaw | Foster Brother+Best Friend+Crush
    - Flame was raised with Elk so they got to know each other and got along. Though their conversations were often one-sided, Elk liked Flame from the beginning and liked him since he filled the silence. Elk is pretty protective of Flame and is often seen very close to Flame whenever given the situation. They're best friends and Elk's little crush on him is subtle enough to not ruin that friendship.

Breezestorm | Step-Father
    - He doesn't really mind the ex-Windclan tom, but he is watching him. It's almost enjoyable to watch the tom squirm uncomfortably under her blank gaze. Though he doesn't dislike him as much as Raccoon, he will not hesitate to ruin his life if something happened to his family.

**More will be added once characters added**

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Fun Facts:
  • Was a crack kit that became legit, changed names of parents for personal purposes.
  • His father is a trans-female using she/her pronouns (I won't make a ref for her) and his birth was an accident.
  • RBF is strong
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