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COE- Grimm by DevilsRealm COE- Grimm by DevilsRealm

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    21 moons
        January 31st Born in the year of the Dragon
     ♂ Male
        + Hard Working
        + Knowledgeable 
        + Observant
        = Stern
        - Apathetic
        - Devious
        - Sadistic
    Fang Kingdom
    Black Merchant
    200 Star Coins
        - Nothing that you need to know
Detri | Mother - Alive
Fong | Father - Dead
    Alpii | Sister - Dead
Fobidden Lovers
    Granger | Brother-In-Law - Dead
        Pigeon | Nephew - Alive
        Krow | Nephew - Dead
        Raven | Nephew - Dead

    I was born in the year of the Dragon, like our own divine gods themselves. I knew nothing about the world, how foolish I was as a young kit. I was obviously the odd one of the family, my sister being to more 'normal' and 'happy' kit she is. While I stared at the darkness in the corner of our room. Alpii was annoying as a kit, mostly because she had nothing to do and I was her only source of entertainment. And that's how I grew to be patience. She was still irritating though. I wouldn't say were we the happiest family, it seemed like we were, but I didn't see anything special within us. I didn't understand the bond between parent and kits as I had none with any of mine. It wasn't as if I wanted to either, I rather like to be alone, of course Alpii never left my side. I grew use to her presence so it was alright. Soon after my father died, despite my mother and sister's cries, I never for one shed a tear. Seeing the weak status my remaining family was put in, I came to realize that could have been me.
    I didn't want that.
    My father was not worthy of my angst. No one was. 

    We were 9 months now, it was time to become more useful members of this monarchy. My sister, unfortunately, decided to not take the path of prosperity. She became a dancer instead, and I was happy to admit that she was growing up to be a fine she-cat. At first I was a scholar, much too fancy for my liking to be honest, but I learned. I learned about our Divine Gods, the ones who gave us power. No one questioned them, no one but me. Our 'gifts' weren't gifts at all, not on my part my tail always bites me. It's lucky I can't reach it yet. Even with our so called 'gifts' they hold no purpose, we are one of the same, we were all feline. These gifts were more of curses to me, they were only really another onus on our shoulder. I questioned them and my faith in them. I was always know as the scholar who 'went against the celestial ones' and at this point, I was. 
    I didn't care for them. No, not as much as Anthracite, dragoness of Helhiem. This subject caught my interest, something about the darkness of the universe always caught onto me. Why should there be two places of the afterlife? Where one was reserved for the 'noble' cats? I call blasphemy on that logic, to believe that only the 'pure' were worthy of entering Valhalla. Valhalla is dead to me. You can't ever make me believe that a cat hasn't done something horrible in their life. I turned my back against studying the 'good' of the world. No. I wanted to see the darkness of it all, I wanted to discover the darkest secrets of everything, the wars, the corruption. 
    I changed my occupation completely, my reasoning to become a working class remains a mystery even to myself. My mother was baffled, and sweet Alpii was supportive as always. Even made me a cloak for my new job. Her dancing has defiantly improved and attracted attention. Even some, unwanted attention. 
    That night, where I saw my darling sister sneak out and meet up with a cat with no second bite. I knew there will be Hel.
    She kept seeing him, and I kept a close eye, hiding in the shadows. I tell her what I saw at nights, and even so she wouldn't stop. I hated that tom with her. I hated him more when Alphii revealed to me privately that she was expecting kits. 
    I saw red, emotionally and physically.
    December 24th, I lost my sister, with her remaining kit left to remind me of her.

    I named my nephew Pigeon, like those common annoying birds you'd find everywhere. He was under the care of Detri and unfortunately, me. Thank Anthracite that he looked more like his mother than his bastard father. I took him under my wing as my apprentice, but he still foolishly saw me as family. I have to constantly remind him our lineage can't affect our work. Still, no matter, he would cling onto me and I had no time for him. I had to sell things as a Merchant. In the day light, I hardly made any Starcoins. Most of the other stalls sold the same materials as me, only at a different price. 
    I explored a lot. And my exploration always seems to get me something interesting. I made connections that were more secretive than my sister's forbidden relationship. 
    My stall was always open when the lights are off, where I'm out of sight. 
    I will continue to sell my items in the darkness for as long as I can. 
    ♥ Money
    ♥ His nephew 
    ♥ His sister
    ♥ His cloak

    x Seasons
    x His tail
    x Most of his family
    x Thieves
    x Mostly everyone he meets

    ! Cloak was made by his deceased sister !
    ! Mostly has hood on !
    ! Where he gets his stuff you don't ask you don't want to know !
    ! Believes his nephew has some sort of special power !
    ! Pretty atheist af !


    Bullet; White Neutral
    Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Unsure
    Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
    Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
    Bullet; Green Good Friend
    Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBest Friend
    Bullet; Yellow Love (Platonic)
    Bullet; Pink Crush
    Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Lust
    Bullet; Red Love (Romantic)
    Bullet; Black Dislike
    Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate
    Bullet; Orange Respect 
    Bullet; Purple Family
    Cross No longer present

    Fang Kingdom
    Bullet; White|Bullet; Blue| Eh. The kingdom I was born and raised in. I hold no qualms against it. 

        Detri | Civilian | NPC
            Bullet; Orange|Bullet; Purple| My mother always was so head-strong, she is a respectable she-cat though she does need to let me go take care of things myself. She doesn't approve of my job, but I could care less to what she thinks.

        Pigeon | Working Class Apprentice | DevilsRealm 
            Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue|Bullet; Yellow|Bullet; Purple| My sister's son, a Fflam cat. My sister and her lover watched as the previous General killed their kits, except for this one, he was the weak and cold one from the litter so the General probably assumed he was already dead before killing the parents. But he wasn't dead, I saw him still moving. It was as if the gods spoke to me, to rescue that kit. And so I did, snatched him up while no one was looking and took him in. He's a strange cat, hasn't even learned his ability to control fire, probably because he thinks he's a Fang cat. He talks to himself and refers to himself in third person. But his eyes, one blue another orange. It is clear to me he is not a normal cat, not with his blood and with those eyes. I took him under my wing, and if I do I hope to see that mysterious power of his awaken some time soon. And I don't mean his fire ability, because I believe there is much more than just fire.

    | Dancer | NPC
            Bullet; Green|Bullet; Yellow|Bullet; Purple| Oh my dear sister, you were a fool to fall for a Fflam cat. I hope you realized your mistakes by now but it seems to be too late. Rest easy now, most of the family is up there with you. My time will come I assure you, but I will not go down. Not yet. If I go down, let me go down in history. 

        Dai & Vasilisa | King and Queen | predwolf95 & Iliekpixels
            Bullet; White| The king and queen. I don't know much about them nor do I care. As long as I stay in the shadows and do my business without them finding out I'll be fine. As long as they don't discover Pigeon's true nature, I'll be fine. We'll be fine.

    Don Kingdom
    Bullet; Black|Bullet; White| Ugh, water and the stench of fish is everywhere.

    Fflam Kingdom
    Bullet; Black| If only your cats learned to stay put! Maybe then, my sister would have still been alive!

        Granger| Hunter | NPC
            Bullet; BlackBullet; Black|Bullet; Purple| YOU. YOU SHRIVELING HEARTLESS DOG. You couldn't keep your tail between your legs huh? You just HAD to make your way into OUR kingdom, steal MY darling sister away, AND have the two of you KILLED, for a CRIME YOU STARTED

    Adrian Kingdom
    Bullet; White| They're nothing but birds. Pigeon would have lived up to his name if he were an Adrian cat. Wait no, too many feathers to clean ugh. Not to mention molting. 

    Blodyn Kingdom
    Bullet; Black|Bullet; White| Eh. Herbs smell too much and at Spring time it's the WORSE. There's pollen EVERYWHERE and every disgusting flower decides to bloom and release their sickening scent. Ugh, makes me sick already.

      Roleplay Information
        Paragraph form| Notes/Comments| Skype [Only for close friends]
          I'm actually quite shy when starting an roleplay and if I don't know you I'll probably be really awkward- But also I have a tendency to go on a roleplaying roll and stop for a long time [weeks-months]. I often lose motivation and inspiration to reply, and for that I'm sorry. There will be times I will drop the roleplay if: 

          1) It's not going anywhere, I really don't want to do that but if you're not making an effort and I'm not making an effort then we might as well stop. 
            2) I don't get a reply back until months later. Unless there's something happening in the roleplay there is a chance I won't reply back. 
              3) Short replies, I can not emphasize this enough. I normally try to match up to the same length, and I understand if there are cases where short replies will be given, but if I repeatingly get short replies, it's practically done. 
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          galaxymut Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016  Student General Artist
          would you like to rp?i would like to rp with my princess efa ^^
          galaxymut Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Student General Artist
          her ears tilted back and her eyes narrowed and she looked into the hood of the cat`s cloak. " your suggestions will be noted, but it seems that no one else here at the moment  to 'gander'" she smiled, her front fangs slightly visible but her smile didn't reach her eyes, infact it made her eyes seem cold and analytical " that's not a very good sales tactic, to rush the customers that are spending their star coins on your stall. but since im not aloud to, appease my curiosity" she pause for effect and let her eyes roam the ally way around them but never moved a muscle, til they focused on him again "why have your stall in the of a ally, hidden, from prying eyes and not in front of the streets where you are most likely to get customers" her tail swayed and tilted her chin slightly up to show she wasn't to be intimidated easily and she wouldn't go down without taking out that opponents and using it to her advantage, oh and yes she fought dirty cause fighting fair never got any her anywhere but with a scars that she hid well, the only ones who knew of it where either to close for comfort or... well just to close to comfort not even the king knew of  her physical ones much less her emotional ones . and he was one of the only one who could close enough for her to relax and for her to reveal it. yet she hadn't even done that.
          DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016
          Ooooo the Princess and this sketchy mofo meet-
          this isn't going to be good on his behalf

          But sure! :D
          galaxymut Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016  Student General Artist
          Hahaha X3 I wonder should we make her find the "black market?" or something better in mind?
          DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016
          Oh man, already royalty has found out his stand-
          Umm I don't know, might as well wing it and see what comes up :'D
          galaxymut Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016  Student General Artist
          well at night she doesnt see her self as royalty shes just a fun devious she-cat , you want to go first or me?
          DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016
          Could you? QwQ
          Also sorry if I respond like days later-
          galaxymut Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016  Student General Artist
          The princess had just snuck out for the night with out her crown or anything major that would indicate she was royal with a first glance. She padded through the busy main streets,she was more out in the open but it was far more safer than back streets and shady allies. Efa had just turned onto the busy shopping districts with smells of deliciously cooked food wafting up to her making her stomach growl, she had skipped dinner feigning to be exhausted from the day`s activitys. she browsed through stands and ran her gaze over materials and other things people had out for sale.
          DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
          The sun has gone down, the lights started to shine. Grimm looked up at the sky, it was almost time. He looked back at his sleeping nephew's face, he'll let him sleep for now, next time he'll have to convert him into a night owl. Picking up his stuff, Grimm trudged out into the dark streets of the district. His cloak was not a noticeable color in the dark, thankfully. It helped him maneuver his way past the unsuspecting cats to his usual selling spot. 
          A dark alley that no one payed attention to. 
          It was suspicious, yes, but for a good reason. Grimm threw his head up to put his hood on, covering those gold piercing eyes. No one needed to see his face, not at this hour. He finally made it to the shopping district, not batting an eye at the other stalls that were selling things. He saw some regulars, and one not so regular. A she-cat, long hair and electric blue eyes. 'Probably new, but none of my concern.' He double checked to see if anyone watched him before slinking into the darkness of the alleyway to set up his special stall. 
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          lethe-me-alone Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
          Omg he's so spoopy I love him
          JustAnotherFurryNerd Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

          DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016
          HE's HERE
          TO RECK UR SHIT

          AND HE'S HERE
          JustAnotherFurryNerd Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
          AriaSnow Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
          Interesting so which gift will Pigeon have? the gift of Fire or the Second Bite?
          DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016
          i mean its in the relationship- |D
          AriaSnow Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
          Second Bite Pigeon, lol the craziness I'm seeing that can happen makes me laugh.
          DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016
          he's actually a secretive fflam cat .w. 
          AriaSnow Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
          Gasp! X3
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