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COE- Critter Dump 2 [Contest] by DevilsRealm COE- Critter Dump 2 [Contest] by DevilsRealm

one of these things aren't liek the others-
one of these things just doesnt belong- |D

Name: Gemoe
Diet: Plants
Changeable Features:

    Big creatures that roam the kingdoms territories. They are rather docile and peaceful creatures, so you won't find them causing much trouble. Adults don't see anyone as a threat unless their young are threatened. Sadly these beautiful creatures are often hunted down for the crystals that grow on their body. You can get away with the crystals on their hides, but if you want to be a greedy monster, you're going to have to kill the whole creature to harvest their crystals. The crystals are often used as decor as they shine brighter than any material while their hooves are made of stronger material, like diamond, and are used for forging into weapons. Their antlers are made from a strong bone that cats can craft into tools. 

    They say the oldest of Gemoes are practically covered in crystals. Finding an elder Gemoe is like finding the jackpot. 

Name: Mothem
Diet: Honey
Changeable Features:
--Fur color 

    Winged cousins of the Fuzzles, they are almost similar to their earthbound cousins. These small moth-like creatures aren't the smartest, and normally are attracted to any thing that emits a light, this makes them the most common in the Fflam kingdom. Though as harmless as these little bugs are, they are not good to keep around. Mothems dig themselves into all sorts of flowers, having pollen stick to their fur. They'll pretty much eat any honey from any flower, even the poisonous ones. If a cat were to inhale pollen from a Mothem, there is a chance they will suffocate and need immediate attention. They also release dandruff from their fur that is horrible to inhale as well. It can cause coughing fits, or if severe enough, stop the user from breathing to the point where they can suffocate and die. 

    The pollen and dandruff can be gathered, so there is a chance to find a bottle of this stuff somewhere in the black market. It is highly recommended to have a mask when around lights. Never know when there's a Mothem around. 

Name: Omnia
Diet: MEAT
Changeable Features:
--Eye Color

    Creepy, weird creatures that lurk around all territories. Some say they are children of Anthracite herself, sent to the mortal world as these terrifying creatures. They are large and intimidating, with their big lone eye and row teeth on their stomachs. They secrete a pitch black goo, almost a tar everywhere. It's extremely sticky and often gathered used for many purposes, glue, sticky traps. So if you come across a place with this black goo everywhere, there's most likely an Omnia around. The only way to get them off is pouring salt water on it, Omnia's dont seem to like salt water either. The eye is great to use for medicine, that is if you can kill one for it.

    They have webbed toes to stick on all types of surfaces, trees, walls, rocks. They don't seem to be aggressive, unless you move. Omnias seem to only sense the presences of other creatures by movement. So its a game of red light green light with these monsters. It's common to find one Omnia alone by itself, because they are isolated creatures and prefer to be by themselves. 

    Rumor says that if you make eye contact with an Omnia and not move for a while, you'll hear distorted voices in your head. Some cats come back slightly broken and a bit insane. Some cats just never come back as their usual selves...

AriaSnow Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy flip, that last one scared the sh*** out of me!! XD But I just adore the deer-like one. Sorta reminds me of the stag from a movie I watch before.
DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
AriaSnow Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your black blob critter and Glaxy's glowing mutt both honestly scared me. XD I'll stick with the shiny deer, oh so pretty~
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