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PKMN|Sesame| by DevilsRealm PKMN|Sesame| :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 14 0 PKMN|Zeta Journal Doll by DevilsRealm PKMN|Zeta Journal Doll :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 17 0 PKMN|Clutch|Spongebob Narrator: One Year Lateh by DevilsRealm PKMN|Clutch|Spongebob Narrator: One Year Lateh :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 26 23 PKMN|Dragon Queen by DevilsRealm PKMN|Dragon Queen :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 14 4
PKMN|Meadow's Fight
"Lotus! Surge!" The Riolu/Popplio/Yamask cross waved over from the pond he resided in before pulling himself out to bounce his way over to them. The two of siblings come bounding over to their brother, well more of Surge walking over and Lotus bouncing with the same stride as Nero.
"Nero!" Lotus squealed, reaching out her arms to pull the other Pokemon in for a hug as soon as he was within arm's reach. "I missed you! How's it been? Learn any cool moves yet?" she bombarded her brother with many questions before Surge met up and placed a paw on his other enthusiastic sister's head.
"Don't ask so many questions Lotus." Surge slightly chided the Ralts/Popplio before turning towards their brother with a small apologetic smile. "Sorry about that Nero, a lot happened over on our side."
"No, it's cool!" The other laughed, "I mean it has been like what? A year since I left the ranch? But it's so good to see you guys! I should be asking the questions here: How's it been? How's the ranch and how'
:icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 3 0
COM|Lots of Nations Mons by DevilsRealm COM|Lots of Nations Mons :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 25 16 COM|XWilted--RoseX by DevilsRealm COM|XWilted--RoseX :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 16 4 COM|m00nsugars by DevilsRealm COM|m00nsugars :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 13 5 COM|Leopychan by DevilsRealm COM|Leopychan :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 20 4 COM|XWilted--RoseX by DevilsRealm COM|XWilted--RoseX :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 18 5 Mine| Maxy Boi by DevilsRealm Mine| Maxy Boi :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 7 0 Ours|Snuggles by DevilsRealm Ours|Snuggles :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 12 0 Mine| Sunflower boi by DevilsRealm Mine| Sunflower boi :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 6 0 PKMN|Monthly Theme|Winter Fun Outside by DevilsRealm PKMN|Monthly Theme|Winter Fun Outside :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 22 7 PKMN|Heart to Heart by DevilsRealm PKMN|Heart to Heart :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 13 0 GIFT|Cause You Get Lighter The More It Gets Dark by DevilsRealm GIFT|Cause You Get Lighter The More It Gets Dark :icondevilsrealm:DevilsRealm 15 2




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United States
Rainbow Butterfly - F2U! by Drache-LehreDevils| ♀ | 19 | Sexual Orientations - Bisexual by TwinkJinx Quoiromantic by DevilsRealm| Rainbow Butterfly - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."
-Albert Campus

♦Fandoms most interested in♦
♥ Resident Evil
♥ Steven Universe
♥ Mystic Messenger
♥ Avengers

What I love to do:
♥ Draw animals or OTP
♥ Write fanfics
♥ Think of really cute headcanons to rekt myself and friends with
♥ Sleep
♥ Eat
♥ Talk to my friends ♥

♦These Fuckers♦
Love you guys ♥♥♥

Mine|They Watch by DevilsRealm Personal| Max Journaldoll by DevilsRealm

People I am grateful for:

Terms of Service/Rules


  • I can refuse a commission any time I want
  • Commissioners must pay first before I start.
    • Do not send the payment before getting an approval from me.

  • You are allowed to use the piece for whatever you want as long as you:
    • Don't remove/cover my watermark
    • Don't credit as your own; credit me outside of DA
    • Sell/Copy it to other people


  • I will not give a full refund if you're not satisfied with the final product. I can do my best at edits but not the whole thing.
  • Do not rush me, my pace is different each day and I could possibly refuse to do your commission entirely and refund you. 

If you're paying with Points:

  • All point commissions will be used with the commission widget on my profile; do not donate/gift it unless I say so.
  • Not required to fill in the description, but it's a nice reminder for me in case I lose the original comment.

If you're paying with Paypal:

  • Must be in USD; I literally won't be able to use other currency in the US.
  • Note me your Paypal address
  • I will send you an invoice, please wait. 

My Drawing Limitations:

Checkmark Icon Animals (Mostly animals with 4 legs I will try though)
Checkmark Icon Pokemon (Yes, even PKMN)
Checkmark Icon Humans
Checkmark Icon OCs
Checkmark Icon PG-13 art (I guess like blood and scars/bleeding scars, swearing is fine too)
X Icon TV show characters (Or any fandom characters) 
X Icon R-18 art (Full on gore, vore, sex, nudity)
X Icon Fetish art (Sorry man, I'm not that type of artist and I can't help you with that) 

Types of Commissions + Prices

Bouncy Icons | | 250Points or $2.50

Animated pixel headshot icons 
Ex) FD|Bouncy Icon Umber| by DevilsRealm FD|Bouncy Icon Briar| by DevilsRealm PKMN|Some bouncy babies by DevilsRealm

Journal Dolls/Page Dolls || 400Points or $4

These fit in the 150x150 canvas and are pixel animations suit for your front page or as a journal doll. The animations are fairly simple, head-bobbing + tail swishing etc.
As of now, only animal ocs can get this commission.


Chibis || 150Points or $1.50

Shaded chibis/headshots of one character with simple background

Ex)  FD|Squishy Boi by DevilsRealm PTS| SMOL BABY SON OF MINE by DevilsRealm


Fullbody || 200Points or $2 

Fullbodies with a transparent background

Ex) Warriors OC|Cloudfur by DevilsRealm Warriors OC|Stumptail by DevilsRealmGirl in a jacket  Warriors OC|Skybreeze by DevilsRealm

Shaded Fullbody || 250Points or $2.50 

Shaded fullbodies with a transparent background
Ex)   Mine| Usagi Francois-Ruto by DevilsRealm Mine|Foxfang My Daughter Deserves The World by DevilsRealm TR|Here's the Boi| by DevilsRealm Girl in a jacket

Complex Drawing || 400Points or $4 [+ 150Points or $1.50 every extra character]

A full digital drawing of one character, complex background, and shading.
*Yes, they could also be scene commissions as well, best to provide a prompt with a line of dialogue.
**If you wish for your commission to be a computer background, for best results provide your computer dimensions. 
     COM|XWilted--RoseX by DevilsRealm  FD|Starclan Huh? by DevilsRealm  COM|Cinnamonfur's BG by DevilsRealm  POF| Can You Feel The Fire by DevilsRealm     


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