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"I found my destiny, not in far off places but within myself." - Sonora [Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken]

Behind this image;; My second submission for =nikkayla's contest. The horse in this image is Lightning from the film 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken' directed by Steve Miner. When this contest came about, Lightning was the first thought that came into my head, but there was a lack of grey arabian stock, not to mention that there were no screencaps of Lightning from the film. So I had to settle for my second favourite; Buffoon from Blind Beauty.
Well needless to say that I couldn't not make the image of him, and even though I started this at least a week ago, my muse and tiredness prevented me from completing it. Thinking I had missed the competition deadline, I decided to take my time. But, well, Thank you so much nikkayla for allowing last minute entries, because this one is very much last minute. x
Edit: I might add that this horse was originally dark bay and had to be recoloured. Also, I realise through some comments that the horse apparently stands out too much. To me, it looks normal, but that could be because I have a dark screen; anywho, to a certain extent, lightning is supposed to stand out from the background because, as his name suggests, he is the colour of lightning. Anyway, see it how you will.

First Submission: Buffoon

&& {big} Full View please. x
This is not a freebie!


Photomanipulation copyrighted to devils-horizon.
Horse: ninjapoodles @ Flickr
Background: kvcsgbr @ StockExhange
Clouds: mordoc @ StockExchange
Textures: © *devils-horizon
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Wow, that is amazing!
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Wow.. this is absolutely amazing. It's as if the horse itself is bringing the storm. Although I've never seen the movie, it would seem to me that you have portrayed it perfectly. :clap: The horse does stand out, but I think that's a good point. One more thing, the recoloring job is stunning! :clap:
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LOL thank you very much! :D
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is there any chance i could maybe get a this pic without the watermark so i could use it as my desktop?
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no sorry; this is copyrighted material, its not a freeimage just to use willy nilly.
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Shzzzzing! (lightning strikes ^^;)
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i really think that was my favorite movie when I was little. I watched it every time when I went over to my friends, and she got so sick of it that she finally gave it to me. I still watch it whenever I'm in the mood. <3 Fantastic work at really capturing the heart of Lightning, Rikku. You're pretty much my hero!
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Thanks to you miss!! :D <333
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Beautiful! The horse looks so magestic and powerful .... I love it!
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that's absolutely stunning :heart:
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thank you honey!! :D
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That was my favorite movie when I was little. I still enjoy watching it now that I'm older. Beautiful representation!
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LOL thank you; im addicted!!! >_<
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I love it

and that movie
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-gets overly jealous and eats you-
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OMG, that is so gorgeous... I love your work! <3
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