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unFold - A Launcher

unFold is a launcher that unfolds by sliding to the side upon hovering over it and reveals the program name. How it Looks

The download has been update to version 1.1 which includes many additional buttons: WMP, VLC, Battlenet, Discord, Microsoft edge, Excel, Powerpoint, Firefox, Minecraft, MusicBee, Open Broadcaster Software, Origin, Skype, Blender, Gimp and a shutdown button

A short and simple guide on how to create your own new Buttons is included.

The skin was already featured in my Kindred Rainmeter Theme and is now ready for publishment.
(The display of an image when hovering over the skin will be released in a seperate version as it is difficult to generalize.)
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How to add Brave in it?

Thnx u very much 👍

Would be cool if you came out with more app icons. Signal, Cryptomator, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, ProtonVPN, Protonmail, Visual Studio Code, etc :olove your work, thanks!

how to change color it

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Hello dear! Is there any option to change slide (left to right) to (right to left), so user can clamp the icon to the right of the screen? Thank you very much!

how to add amazon music here

How can i move it to another monitor? I cant click it or move it. Thanks

Press control when moving

Muchas Gracias!!!


its nice i love it but i cant drag the the icons

When i click Minecraft its won't go to Minecraft how do i make it go there

do you still want help with this?

I figured it out but thanks

make something for folders please

Can someone please help me open it? i have installed this but i dont know how to open

Can you pls add the "This PC" icon to it?

How do I add a custom button?

why word and spotify shortcut wont work in mine

For me too, even discord doesnt.

You need to edit the .ini files. It's currently set to his change it to your username (e.g: C:\Users\YourUsernameHERE\etc\etc

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