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unFold - A Launcher

By DevilRev
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unFold is a launcher that unfolds by sliding to the side upon hovering over it and reveals the program name. How it Looks

The download has been update to version 1.1 which includes many additional buttons: WMP, VLC, Battlenet, Discord, Microsoft edge, Excel, Powerpoint, Firefox, Minecraft, MusicBee, Open Broadcaster Software, Origin, Skype, Blender, Gimp and a shutdown button

A short and simple guide on how to create your own new Buttons is included.

The skin was already featured in my Kindred Rainmeter Theme and is now ready for publishment.
(The display of an image when hovering over the skin will be released in a seperate version as it is difficult to generalize.)
© 2016 - 2020 DevilRev
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lixerkNew Deviant

Hi, is it possible to make it slide from the right side?

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lvvxdNew Deviant

how do i move it? every time i do it only clicks the place and i already have dragabble on-

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DuncanMinivan12New Deviant

anyone have a link to some translucent ones

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YouSureDudeNew Deviant

How can u make an custom folder that would open up another section w what u want in it like for example Games Folder opens u a folder w all ur games.

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rupeshdrumsNew Deviant

How do i make custom ones?

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P1k-AchuNew Deviant

does anyone know how to make other buttons like for Telegram

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Ok, So I finally figured out the problem with Spotify! (most likely other apps too)

So when you download an app off the windows store it is put in the "windowsapp" folder which is inaccessible so therefore, you cant get the file location...

So if you want this Spotify button to work you have to download Spotify from the internet, rather than the windows store

By doing so, you can now access the file location of Spotify and from there it's as simple as copy n pasting the file directory into the Spotify.ini file in unFold

A simple way to get the file location quickly is to make a Spotify shortcut, right click, properties, and copy the text under "target"

If your wondering how to make a shortcut quickly without going into files

Click Start (bottom left corner)

Scroll down to Spotify (or any app rly)

Hold Left click and simply drag it onto your desktop

Hope this helps u guys <3

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rupeshdrumsNew Deviant

Dude, where am i supposed to paste the directory?

IshiiFluff's avatar

Go into the Spotify.ini file with notepad or whatever u use n paste your file directory in the highlighted part

unFold example
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fluffy0115New Deviant

my spotify icon wont work

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Problem: GPU horizontal bar doesn't display the white bar.

Fix: Edit Skin---> Go to the very bottom and make sure you add "h=" so it reads h=6.










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LudovinciNew Deviant

it wont work for me

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alexuselgrandeNew Deviant

Is it possible to switch the Buttons to a second or third screen? When I change it in Rainmeter nothing happens, its just locked to the main screen. Nice work BTW!

JustYourAverageBoi2's avatar

im new to rainmeter so like uh? how do i move these. im trying to drag it but it wont let me

Dman4869's avatar

On manage rainmeter make sure you click the box labeled "Draggable" on the bottom right corner for every .ini button you want to move. That should allow you to move them around. You can also move them by changing the coordinates

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FranzHeinsPeterNew Deviant

So I'm having a problem where some bottons are flickering when I put my mouse over them, how do I fix that ?

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For those people who's complaining about ms.word not working on this skin, change the path into "winword.exe". And have a good day.

Aragonorfeo's avatar

how do you change the path

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anansyarifffNew Deviant

How to change the path bro ?

Dman4869's avatar

Select start and type "Word"---> Open file location--->Right-click--->Properties--->Copy and paste the entire "Target"(Path) and then paste it between the

["winword.exe"] It's the same process for every other button

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It's awesome, thank you very much

Bogasss's avatar

After some tweaking I managed to get this. Thanks again!

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rupeshdrumsNew Deviant

how did u make custom ones?

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bro how did you customized your taskbar?

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