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You people better recognize!!!

The genius of Ernesto Cabral. I own 3 of his original movie posters including this one. If you're not familiar with him, YOU SHOULD BE!!! He had a long career and hobbed nobbed with the elite stars of film and stage like a celebrity. His original posters are hard to find in good shape because they printed most movie posters in Mexico on super shitty paper stock. Anyway, I just thought I'd share my love of this artist talent.


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"El Chango" García Cabral is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Mexican illustrators of all time. Glad to know you appreciate his art too!
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Tin Tan!!!
He was SO cool!!!
Do you are fan of this movies or only of the art of Ernesto Cabral?
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Never seen the movies. Just a fan of the artist.
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I wouldn recommend it!
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this is definitely classic material. I remember seeing similar art, may have been the same artist, reminds me of hen I was a kid and seeing the old movie posters=] Movie poster art isn't as cool as it use to be.....
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García Cabral is one of my favorite Mexican artists. I had a chance to check out loads of his originals on a little gallery a couple of months ago; his early, art deco-influenced works are truly awesome, like the covers he did for "Revista de Revistas."

If you haven't already, I suggest to check out Miguel Covarrubias and Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, other awesome Mexican artists from the last century with a strong design sense.
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Awesome, Bob Burden turned me on to this guy many years ago at the 1st SDCC I ever attended, it was an overwhelming weeknd to say the least!
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Bob can do that to people. It's best to get really stoned before you hang out with him. It'll make it more intense.
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His work *is* amazing... I thank my folks for introducing me to his work at an early age.
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now i see where Solano Lopez has his skilly skills from!
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Hmmm, never heard of him. I looked him up though, but I'm not seeing the connection. Maybe I'll try to look deeper into this.
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hmm, google is showing some neat stuff, but yeah, not the stuff i refer, too...*cough* err... "The Young Witches" is for example one work where he uses the same dirtyness on the dudes and those furios looking girls. Don Lawrence, the ol´ infamousy, but truly a genius comicpro (R.I.P) has also his Cabral moments! HA, you lucky one i got some photos here [link]
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Cabral rules. No surprise you dig his work!
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He had me at Tin Tan.
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Fuck yeah indeed.
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I can see a little of his influence in your work Rev. Good stuff!
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Actually I'm convinced Crumb based his character 'Devil-girl' and he way he drew her on some Cabral pieces. But that's just my theory.
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Love it. Are there any good art book complilations of his work?
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Unfortunately, there isn't. Sad.
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There are so many great artists with huge bodies of classic work with no books to represent it. Look at Jeffrey Jones, several awesome books but nothing really cover the litany of 60's and 70's paperback covers he did. They did a card set, why not a book? Theres a big hole in the market for books like that.
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Herbert Paus is another one. I'm in love his stuff. So simple and so bold.
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