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Spaceman no. 4

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LOVE the values/colors in this one!
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Really quiet brilliant and absolutely creative and unique. Fantastic. :)
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cool as hell!
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That cover is fantastic looking!
Boyann's avatar
Exquisite... it somehow reminds me of the 'propaganda posters' of the Soviet yesteryear era..!
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Hey Dave! Great stuff as always.

On average, how long do you spend on a cover?
Devilpig's avatar
It depends. Every one is different.
MahmudAsrar's avatar
Of course. I understand. So how short is the shortest and how long is the longest?
Devilpig's avatar
An hour, and a couple of weeks.
MahmudAsrar's avatar
Thanks! Of course it shows which covers would take up more time and others don't. In any case, they're always impressive and well deserving of the appreciation.
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that's what awm talkin' 'bout.
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Enjoying this series quite a bit.
Nice covers, man.

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