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Micronauts Cover no. 2

One of the first covers I colored in Photoshop. Man, I love the Micronauts.
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I've got a cover proof of this - on of my favorite pieces in my Micronauts collection!
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Whoa, there's a name I haven't heard in a while!
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awesome cover.
disappointing comic. story was weak. I was hoping Acroyear would have a glorious comeback...
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agreed, hopefully the new IDW series set for next year will be better…
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It's good to see Acroyear kickin ass and not bothering to take names. :D
benitogallego's avatar
Dig the wall in the background. Great work!
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i didn't know the Micronauts got down like this!
dusty-abell's avatar
wow i always dug your take on acroyer, its just such a natural progression from golden's. you had to make it different but you still managed to make it seem like you didn't. well done my friend.
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I still can't color that well....
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Huge Micronauts fan. This piece is killer.
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I was NEVER a Micronauts guy but this is fucking phenomenal!!!
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Wow...and it feels like Michael Golden to boot. Nice job.

i also love me some micronauts, beautiful work sir!
it's a shame that marvel lost the rights to the property. sigh..
though bug is doing well over in gaurdians of the galaxy.
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Micronauts were the first comic I collected. I had a few of the Michael Golden issues but didn't start getting them till Kelly Jones was illustrating. This was my favorite cover when they were published by DDP. Acroyer was always the coolest. Fantastic job as always.
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whoa, the sword stabbing through the guy is blowing my mind! its like an optical illusion! these things happen though and the cover is really cool regardless.
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Yeah, I kind of fucked up on that, haha.
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