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Jimi Hendrix for What Not

Started this at Drink and Draw. Finished at home in photoshop to submit it to the art blog What Not [link]

I suck at likenesses. Even more when I try to do them in a bar while inebriated. So forgive this lowly artist won't you?
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Forgiven :) Great concept, nice colours en the overall image is just great. Jimi should be proud ;)
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I need to stop looking at your gallery now. It's depressing me. Amazing work.
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I'm not really a big fan of Jimi Hendrix, but the style and design of this piece is just wow!
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ох, я люблю вас! XD
Потрясающие работы)))
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I don't speak russian, but I think I get what you're trying to say. And thank you.
Lilya-Kriger's avatar
Thanks for your works)))
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'cos i'm the voodoo child.
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You are definitely forgiven!
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Fucking awesome genius! I love your work...
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Epic. I'd love to have a shirt with this illustration
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Awesome! Love the colors
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Very good. Remember me some Sergio Toppi works.
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THis is awesome man, I love the distortion!
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the composition makes it forgotten! you excell at it, congratulations!
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this NEEDS to be a shirt!
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yeah man, i dig it.
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