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HitMan MONKEY cover

He's a monkey, a hitman and the first character at Marvel that started life as a simple internet MEME! It's true, google it. Can Wolverine vs. the LOLCATS be that far behind!?!

When they asked if I wanted to do covers for this new series, how could I refuse? Did I mention he's a MONKEY WHO KILLS PEOPLE!! Anybody who knows me, knows that I can't turn down an assignment that involves either, murder, monkeys, or alcohol.

Enjoy de-evolutionaries. And remember, 'Hitman monkey finds no joy in his job'.

Sound tract to this cover....
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Simply one of your best assignments. I agree with your assessment. Monkeys... Alcohol or Murder.... nice list to live by.
rastapitan's avatar
the monkey s looking cool!
Ha, ha this is sick. So stylish. Love the Reservoir Dogs style suit lol.
Kapalsky's avatar
Seriously, that looks brilliant. Hollywood should even do a movie based on this ! :D
Devilpig's avatar
Give them time.
Gibbtall's avatar
This monkey is simultaneously so terrifying and epic that I want to go find this comic simply because of the cover.
Devilpig's avatar
Then my job is done.
rapxic's avatar
awesome work man , love ya lines n colours
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FuuuuuuuuuuuuuuCCCCCCCKKKKKK, this is great!!

'Hitman monkey may find no joy in his job, but he damn well gets the job done'.
Xhydralisk's avatar
He finds no joy in his job...
SHAN-01's avatar
haha this is kick ass Dave! love the specials, Perfect song for the cover

JonFreeman's avatar
this is completely insanse! XD great work, dude!

love the layout too, it's just great!
W-Orks's avatar
Whoa!! Great! It look like my Monkey Number One character: [link]
Devilpig's avatar
Talk to Marvel.
davidepascutti's avatar
Well done!
That's a really gooooooood one!
SilentHamish's avatar
I must agree.

A Monkey. Guns. A winning formula.

So, how come no one else though up 'HitMonkey?'

(Yes. I own HitMonkey #1.)
Damn my love of monkeys!...and comics!...and the number 1!
ScarletLady's avatar
I am in LOVE with this.
Devilpig's avatar
How could you NOT be?
dio-03's avatar
dude, this is an awesome cover. 0_0
LordoftheBling-XXL's avatar
dave u r the man. although u tend to stick to a basic them in ur covers and design, i swear i have not seen two pieces exactly alike, which is staggering considering ur output. and he can do sequentials folks! indeed the king of the ring
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