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Deadpool 38

Hulk SMASH!!!! Problem? Didn't think so. Actually, it would be awesome if Hulk punched Deadpool so hard he literally turned into a haze of blood mist.

*note* Tried to use the UPC symbol in the design instead of having it ruin the overall composition. Great goggly moogely I hate that thing. Why they can't put that on the back of the book is beyond me. Oh that's right, it would interfere with the ads on the back. Wouldn't want that.

*Second note* Bonus if you recognize Hulk's expression in the exclamation point.
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look behind you hulk..... he's getting back up
Tomjazz99's avatar
trollface hulk ftw
8X-Angel-Of-Death-X8's avatar
For some reason Marvel canceled my subscription to Deadpool on this issue and switched me to X-Force..
VoltageDiamond's avatar
Yeah I bought that comic (last year, I live in Germany) and when I saw Hulk's Trollface I fell literally off the chair from laughing and giggling xD it's awesome :D
KuroiSpeedster55's avatar
The Trolling Hulk!!
victory1945's avatar
who knew that the hulk (of all people) could troll, interesting.
ragingspacebull's avatar
Let's see Deadpool wisecrack his way out of this...
aran9's avatar
let me guess, trollface
SirKaeru's avatar
SonofaDJ617's avatar
Did you use this as a cover to one of the actual comics???? Holy crap! Oh and XD HULK FACE!
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Troll-Hulk FTW!! :dummy:

I was wondering how you planned out this piece. Did you draw the 'panels' first and then overlay the text, or start with the lettering?
Snip-Stein's avatar
I have the issue. Awesome!

(LOL Hulk doing the troll face XD)
fishe-ninja's avatar
they see me trollin'
they hatin'~~
nyxaria's avatar
trollface hulk is the best :)
thelearningcurv's avatar
i want this comic!
DoYouHaveYourTowel42's avatar
the Hulk be Trollin'! i love it.
n33st3r's avatar
SOSPuff's avatar
Don't make me trolling. You wouldn't like me when I'm trolling. Problem, Deadpool?
fieveltrue's avatar
abi-m's avatar
lol, Deadpool got owned/trolled by Hulk?!
:iconthumbsupplz: :icontrollfaceplz:
MieKuning's avatar
trollhulk lolz ^^
n33st3r's avatar
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