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Ben 10 XLR8 design

By Devilpig
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This is one of those designs that gave Korea the fits. Hard to draw, hah. And his hands were a mistake.
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The design that gave Korea the fits. What does that mean?
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Made them mad, I suppose. I can see why.
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Perfection. Just...perfection.
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My favorite. You just made my day!
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Nice drawings!
XLR8 reminds me alot about Xenomorphs though.
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Forgot to ask, what gave u the idea to give him a mask?
oh and did u do the design for the ben10,000 XLR8, if so which one do u like more?
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I don't know, because he runs really fast and he doesn't want bugs in is eyes? And no, I left the show before that episode.
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This has got to be my fav out of all the aliens.
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can i use your drawings in a game im making? they're really good...
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Ask Cartoon Network. They paid for and own the rights to them.
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uhh why is your name devilpig like how did you come up with it
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soooo cute i realy love him ^^
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I really loved the alien designs in this show.
I was surprised to discover someone on DA made them, congrats on your work! :)
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Are you teh designer of Ben transformations??? I love that show so much!! It's one of the few cartoons I love "nowadays"!! :XD:
This is my favourite transformation!!

he is very dynamic, ihih!=D
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And I like alsothe "diamond" one! :star:
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I've always wondered. Are the balls on its feet meant to be part of its biological anatomy? Or, are they tools they developed to go really fast?
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I don't understand how those hands are a mistake? I really like the idea of them being able to close and open like that. You could stab someone with a closed hand, awesome.
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If you or I would have been the only people to do it, it would have been fine. But the reality is that you have to dumb down designs based on how small the animation budget is for the show. There's a lot of shitty artists in animation. That are true 9 to 5ers. So the sad fact is a lot of times you have to cater to their inability to draw well.
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hands down my favorite design of the ben10 original aliens. i can see why animation studios over there would get major head aches over it, but i really like it.
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OMG dude.. my son is a Ben ten Freak w/ the exception of like 2 designs he was able to name all of them.. he's 4 and a half.
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Haha, stripes will give anyone fits, especially when it comes to turnarounds. Recently did that with a lionfish character. Organic stripes? NEVER AGAIN.
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Those Koreans can figure it out. This is one of my favorite designs. :D
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