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January 11, 2012
Armageddon FAIL by `Devilpig
Featured by MidnightExigent
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Armageddon FAIL

A bit Mignola I must admit. It happens from time to time. I blame the alcohol I was drinking at the time since I started this piece at Drink and Draw Social Club and then finished it the next day at home.
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Fluffywolf36's avatar
That is TOTALLY Mignola. Great. Now I can't get "DAMN YOU MISTER MANIFO-excuse me. DAMN YOU EMPEROR ZOMBIE!" out of my head.
joeltonongkh's avatar
Impressive toning and execution.
Harrkonen's avatar
Mignola artwork rocks. And even better if you make a good pic and you aren't the artist. Many go TOO simplistic on his style and seem lazy. Yet others put forth too much and seem to try too hard. You seem to have captured the sense of humor that is involved in all his work with this though.
WOLVERINE-Ap's avatar
....i FUKIN love this!!!!
I just saw this for the first time...great image. I like the rose on the lapel area and the sleeve designs. And the minions fingernails as well. It is the dedication to absurdity that warms my heart.
qrowdad's avatar
great little piece, -I love your sense of humor
Agrifex's avatar
Very much Mignola. Which makes it all the more awesome.
RandyGreen's avatar
Very nicely accomplished.
Put me to the floor...snorted my coffee first!
gangsterart's avatar
I like your style.
Hellbyron's avatar
Fabulous!! My compliments.
Deadly-Messiah's avatar
Love the facial expressions and the color scheme... the humor is spot on!
grzybek's avatar
a style like Mike Mignola :)
TheRealDarkRevan's avatar
MAGIC! i foresee amazingness all year loong
DevilPanties's avatar
Awesomely nonsensical! Everything meshes quite well...the sepia tone, style, paper texture. Very cool.
Also, Drink and Draw is a fantastic idea.
crazy3dman's avatar
Hey, nothing wrong with a little bit of Mignola every once in a while. Love this piece so much.
zippertoe's avatar
Love the design and layout of this pic Dave. Just wondering what you used to color with? ( traditional or digital? )
Devilpig's avatar
Watercolor and acrylic
zippertoe's avatar
Thanks Dave. Kick@ss work dude.
JoetheMick's avatar
awesome. I want to get print of this and hang it over my bar. pure jokes
stavanger-sverd's avatar
That's blooody awesome :D
welcome in favs :)
TKMillerSculpt's avatar
Love this piece, Dave!
iatemypencils's avatar
I just loled.. so much
noorelven's avatar
great concept but the drawing could have been done slightly better :P maybe if it wasnt done when you were tipsy ?
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