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100 Bullets No. 35

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Best cover, ever, period.
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sick, just sick! what is there not to love here ! , expressions , attitude , style , blood, gun, bandages, ladies ,
some dude with red glasses that screams out : i can do something badass, you know it , i know it ....
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Don`t you know if DC will publish a book with all 100 bullet covers?
For sure one of your best work. You understand Eduardo's style and use it on the covers.

I believe Dc have to do it, it`ll be a beatifull book to have.

I`m a big fan of your sci-fi desings,
but what you did on 100 bullets covers is amazing!
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Time will tell.
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it's my one of the favourites cover:)
for a great story
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haha, the thumbnail made it look like a lucha mask... That needs to be a piece of art...
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Ummm, it was a piece of art.
SteevCreeper's avatar
apologies, I meant the white lucha mask idea should be a piece of art...
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Love this cover! One of my favs from the series.
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There's something about flat horizons that I really like. A great design tool.
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I know what you mean.
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The Bastard!!!

I love the way you drew Echo there. Sexy in a sleep deprived kinda way.
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Poor Milo...
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