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100 Bullets 8 TPB cover

This collection had the saddest story EVER!!!! And yes, that's me at the bottom. Risso added me to the story as a character. Why I made myself so big? Because I'm an asshole. And when would I ever get the chance again?
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I think this is the best cover I ever experience.

Why David?

The sillhouette of the grungy black trumpeter in contrast to the negative space is imediately striking and recognizable. There is a sad, lonely, hard luck song playing as you are now pulled into the details, walking the street of New Orleans. The blue fade to purple cuts the orange, cool against warm, the colors are like evil tring to be good. This is the grey area of the world were moral lines converge. All the sins, hope and regrets are here to emote the human experience in it's raw grittiest moments.
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My favorite 100 Bullets cover
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Too right. I love this book. It's the only time I've ever felt a lump in my throat ready a comic. Poor old Gabe. This book and book 5 are easily the best of 100 Bullets. And THAT's saying something.
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Love your work, man! This piece is classic.
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You are welcome!
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Birth of the cool!
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any miles davis in this?
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No. Took my own reference. And the story involved the tale of a tragic trumpet player.
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Oooh I loved 8 the Hard Way... favorite story arc and favorite character... and an amazing cover as usual, Dave!
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This was always one of my top favs of your covers, man :)
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love the new orleans style!
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One of my favorite 100 Bullets covers. This was a great story even though it was so sad. There aren't a lot of happy endings in Azzarello's little world.
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you did the right thing. like you said, when will the chance come back!
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this is still one of the greatest covers in comics.
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LOVED this cover! And you're right -- it's a very sad story!
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Woah! This one is beyond awesome, Dave.
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Thanks Crystal.
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Sweet composition.
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