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100 Bullets 57 cover

Sexy time....with guns.
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Thanks you Dave, in any case the two pieces are amazing. In 2 or 3 weeks i have in my collection 3 pieces of your art :)
If you don´t have anything to do you can visit my gallery in CAF: [link]
I have some pieces of 100 Bullets by Risso.
Carlos Pujol
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Hello Dave, i am a collector of comic art and this week i will buy a prelim of this cover in your gallery of comic art for sale . But it is different about the piece that i will buy, i think that is an alternative cover and that you finally changes the composition of it. But recently i see one image of this prelim in colour (this is the link: [link] )
Could you tell me what happents with this alternative cover, it was published?.
Thanks in advance for your time and for satisfy my insane curiosity and sorry, SORRY for my bad english.
Carlos Pujol
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The only one that was published was the one in my gallery. The other ne was done as a place holder for the Previews catalog. Sometimes I ran outta time for the deadline for the catalog, and finished up the cover later before the actual printing date.
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This is really stunning, I'm going to have to pick up 100 Bullets! It's one of the few Vertigo titles I haven't yet, but this cover totally changes my mind
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Oh man, I really love the composition and color choice here! Very cool beans.
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it's really sexy
Spacefriend-KRUNK's avatar
when does sex NOT involve a gun?

great fucking cover.
Devilpig's avatar
True, but then you're probably a rapist. ZING!
Spacefriend-KRUNK's avatar
i still don't see the problem... BOOM!
STEWNAMI's avatar
I love how you didn't get complicated with the dress and the suit. The monochromatic simplicity works so well!
CJZ's avatar
This is such a cool design... not that they ALL aren't.
wytherwing's avatar
:D this is aces! :thumbsup:
KajusX's avatar
Poor Wylie...
scruffyronin's avatar
Indeed, he should've gone fighting.

But then, he's got sick aim.
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Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!! :)
AaronFelizmenio's avatar
Just in time for Valentines, man. Haha! I love this cover! The color palette is just elegant.
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