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100 Bullets 48 cover

This cover scares me.
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dem perfect hands, awesome
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Drugs are bad m-key.
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1st yr kubert school we had to bring in our favorite cover and our least favorite. I can't remember the least favorite, but it was something atrocious with oversaturated rainbow colors

yes, this was the favorite and it still holds up

If I show up at this drink and draw am I going to be horribly outclassed?
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OMFG. THAT LOOKS EXTREMELY PAINFUL! *must look away* D': Gawd, I hate needles so badly. Lol.
Devilpig's avatar
Look out behind you, the giant hand is coming for you.
NanasFreak's avatar
OH NOES, I MUST FLEE! *runs away in a sissy-like manner*
thelearningcurv's avatar
I swear you posted this before, makes me think of the old Superman cartoons from the olden days.....
urban-barbarian's avatar
It should scare you!!!
SamMooney's avatar
Just say "no."
citycyclops's avatar
This is the most careless phlebotomist I've ever seen!
Devilpig's avatar
And he's a giant.
Iron-Odin's avatar
your talent scares me.
and at the same time, arouses me..
Sempai-Tem's avatar
talk about overdose!
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amazing cover!
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