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Salvador Dalí, John Pound(GPK artist), Theodor Seuss Geisel, Everett Peck
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Dark Tranquillity
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Super NES
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Adobe photoshop, Wacom Tablet
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Animation, Graphic Arts
There is a second Inking and Coloring project which will use Sketch "Vlad: the ViKing King of Vamps" illustrated by ~BooRat ( Previously I worked on "Dungeon Crawler" by Boorat also. I expect it to take a week. This one is actually a bit harder as its more detailed and has three characters. I'm taking on this images as challenges to boost my creative flow. When working on others work, it forces you to have to adapt and learn new tricks to get around issues. I am a bit disappointed with my followers which almost completely ignored the previous project. BooRat recently posted the project and within 2 days got 19 comments and 12 favorites
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Never could understand why everyone doesn't just ask what he is doing, but here goes... I'm working on Inking and Coloring Dungeon Crawler by Illustrator BooRat. It is always a interesting challenge to do this sort of thing. I have done the Inking, which actually takes the most time usually for me. So I'm now got to sort of doctor up a background and then give the character my special color treatment. I'm thinking Dark Green skin with brass metal parts or atleast make them rusty, and the slime ... Yellow/green. It's going to be a interesting one when done, thats all I know. Wow, the detail on this guy is something else. Update: Background
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After years of sitting on the art, pretty much not doing a thing with it, I am going to try to move my foot forward and complete. Will it be great.... NO. Will it be done with? Hell Yeah! I don't know if this will be seen as a good thing or bad thing that I'm going back to a project that started in 2008 and has sat most of the time since then, but it happens. Had College, had issues finding "a job" and then there is the lack of passion. I have to be in the right mood to do this stuff. So this will hopefully mean in like 3 months I will finish it, then plan new stuff or find another project to finish.
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Thanks for the fav fellow Bustah! Stick around, new ghost busters shizzy goes up at least monthly. 
I enjoyed your troll bridge episode collaboration picture. That was my all time favourite episode right up there with 'Three men and an Egon'.  I also added you to my watch :)
happy birthday man
Hey man, What's up
Merry Christmas, old friend.
:iconroxburyplz::icontngcar2plz::iconroxbury3plz::iconvinylscratchplz:You’re sitting on your favorite chair watching “Michael Bay’s Epic Rap Battles of History:The Motion Picture!” when it is interrupted by an urgent message from the government. You immediately turn up the volume and direct all of your attention towards the frantic looking newscaster. “Good evening, I am Ali J. Goldman-Soto the XI here at KTRE Channel 9 News. The government has issued a state of emergency for the whole country because an unidentified being has escaped confinement from a government funded laboratory in New Hampshire. It is unclear what this ‘creature’ could possibly be, but what we do know, is that it’s huge and vicious so you should stay inside your houses at all times.” Just then you hear a series of deafening crashes outside of your house. You race to the window and thrust open the curtain to see a 59 ft tall Lovecraftian monstrosity starring at you with one of its big black eyes. You recall a piece of information that your father had told you about how if you don’t move or think, Cthulhu won’t be able to see you, so you immediately stand as still as possible and thought only of a perfectly blank white wall. After 5 or so minutes of trying not to move or think, the Elder God loses interest in you and swings it’s head around to face a different direction. When it does so, you can clearly see a T-X Terminatrix Terminator from the 3rd movie with a Cyberman’s from “Doctor Who” head sitting on the Ancient One’s back holding a 80s boombox playing Andrew W.K.’s “Party Party Party!” while also waving staff with a flag that says :iconboorat:would like to humbly say:
The Cyborg then steered Cthulhu down the street so it could gain enough speed to take off and fly away, never to be seen again…