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YIKES! Sylvia's adopted father really was a complete piece of shit wasn't he? No wonder his wife is now missing, presumed to have killed him. I think what gets me the most about this scene is Sylvia wasn't even backtalking him, she was standing up to Lucius (who we now know was her real father) about Devillo. The idea of this was to show a) R Drakon was a complete psychopath, unpredictable, violent, & a threat to everyone around him. b) even Lucius Devianti, who we have established as a wealthy devious bastard even in death, was stuck taking orders from Drakon. c) On a whim, Drakon had no problem smashing a glass on Lucius' daughter's face, in public, in front of him as a reminder of how powerful Drakon actually was. So, hows that for a character introduction? This will be the last page of the comic for 2017 as myself & the wife prepare for the Holidays. I do plan on posting a few more pinups on the gallery before then but Im taking the time to work on a few tweaks to the last few pages of chapter 2, which if things go well will be finished by March. Then its Chapter 3, as well as the beginnings of some other non fur projects Ive got in the works, be sure to follow my social media (listed on my profile page) for more info on them.

Heirs to the Throne is a black comedy murder mystery where the characters are more interested in claiming their inheritance than actually solving their parent's murder. You can read the comic as it's uploaded here or at the website first: & support the creation of the comic on Patreon at:…
You can also buy the entirety of Chapter 1 for $1.99 at:
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December 5, 2017
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